Anyone know where this is?


@Letitia_Potorac brought my attention to this great illusion room yesterday….


Anyone know where it is?


12 comments on “Anyone know where this is?

  1. I’m going to guess somewhere in the TARDIS.

  2. dimplemiple says:

    wow quick

  3. Amazing optical illustions by Brazillian artist Regina Silveira.

  4. Cesco says:

    use the image url in google and do “search by image”.

  5. Anders says:

    I didn’t know about search by image, so I just aimlessly googled for “illusion room”

    It was worth it though, I found some very cool things I hadn’t seen before

    I think my favourite is the Ames illusion room

  6. Nick666 says:

    Try” bored panda”

  7. Lazy T says:

    It’s the one point in the room where the art ‘works’

  8. Paul Johnson says:

    “TinEye” is another good reverse image search tool – it can be installed as a ‘right click’ image option in Chrome too, and quickly gives the answer others have already mentioned.

  9. Paul Pearson says:

    Awesome! Reminds me of the French(?) record store with carpeting of lines that look like black hole gravitational demonstration, so the floor looks unwalkable as one attempts to traverse the room. I wonder how they keep the illusion for anyone not at the spot where this pic was taken …

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