Andy Nyman kindly brought my attention to this great arrangement in a bookshop….



Like it?


  1. Well, in a mystery section, it must be a mystery which book you are getting. Seeing the spine with the title just gives the ending away prematurely (or am I missing something else about the picture?)

  2. Er…

    Yes… Mystery… makes sense. very neat too. and funny.

    Not sure I would consider it practical though. Or actually I am sure about its practicalness…

  3. this would mean that it would be made hard for the fans/readers of Mystery books to quickishly fund the books of their prefered authors. perhaps that would assist browsing. but more perhaps it would reduce sales. i remain puzzzled by this marketting method

  4. Reminds me of a recent visit to the library where I asked, “Where is the self-help section?” The librarian said, “Can’t tell you, that would defeat the purpose.”

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