David K very kindly sent me these great images – can you figure them out?









    1. Same here. I’m certain there’s a second person there, or an empty pair of pants that looks amazingly like a second person, but I can’t for the life of me figure where the legs that belong to the head go, or where the head that belongs to the legs goes…

    2. Think I got the second:

      Those are her legs (like Jeff below says) but you are only seeing her calves. The illusion here is that the lowest part of her dress/shirt is folded in such a way that it looks like part of her pants.

    3. -M- – If that’s the case, I really can’t make myself see it. the bend just looks too round. I can’t wrap my head around it.

  1. The first is a dog behind the baby. The second I think is just the angle of the shot combined with the girls legs being off the bed an slightly hyper extended. The third is a guy with his head bent over and the guy in fronts head in the shot. The fourth is a girl bent over an the guy in front in the shot.

    Love these images!

  2. Number 2 seems to be a problem with the perspective. If you look at the legs there is a dar line on both of them, which ought to be where the knees are placed.

    This means that the apparent bending is really her pants coming down over her feet. I’m not sure, but that is my bet

    1. I think this is correct. What appears to be her thighs in the “illusion” interpretation are actually her calves, and her jeans are much too long or not being worn at the normal position.

  3. The girl on the phone has her feet in front of her and the legs at the back belong to someone lying behind her with their feet on the floor..

  4. The girl in picture #2 is clearly using her feet to hold the two phones, the “legs” behind her must then be her arms…

    I think we should ask her to clean up her room a bit. Put the clothes lying around back in their drawers or in the laundry bin.
    Then we should be able to assess the situation properly.

  5. Everyone one seems to be assuming that two is a single-surface piece of furniture, instead of either two pieces of furniture (or two levels of surface)0 or a single piece of furniture that isn’t a bed. It is easy once you stop assuming you’re looking at the end of a bed, alone..

    1. I think you’re close, Sophie. I think it’s two people, and possibly two beds (or a bed and something else unseen). I’m thinking she’s on the top bunk of double bunk bed, and someone else is lying face up on the bottom bunk. But it still doesn’t look like there’s room for her legs to be hidden the way it appears.

  6. Another possibility for #2 is a second person on the floor with her feet under the girl’s blouse, but where would the girl on the bed’s feet be? I hope someone actually knows!

  7. 1: Batboy, as frequently seen on cover of Weekly World News.
    2: Mermaid child ordering pizza.
    3: Young ogre improving his mind.
    4: Centaur.

    I hope this clarification proves enlightening. You’re welcome.

  8. Maybe the reason for all the clothes on the bed is that they’re hiding the other body, but I still don’t see where the girl on the phone’s legs would go…

  9. I think the “calves rather than thighs” is correct for #2… combined with the idea that she’s wearing either a tunic, or an actual dress, instead of a blouse, which would further throw the proportions off.

    Yes, women sometimes will wear a dress “like a tunic” over a pair of jeans.

  10. You’re overthinking illusion 2. If you look at someone’s legs from the side, they curve that way, often more than you would think. The angle of the shot and the fact that she’s just letting her legs fall from the mattress to touch the floor just reinforce the freakish appearance of the curve in much the same way as an elbow joint can appear freaky from certain angles.

  11. I think I figured out #2: There are two people in the photo. The girl with the phone has her body below her waist hanging over the bed out of view. A second person is hidden behind her, and that’s whose legs you see.
    Also, just behind phone girl’s right elbow there appears to be someone else’s flesh (perhaps an arm or elbow of the hidden person).

  12. OK, since others have time to think about it and since some have offered opinions, I’ll tell you what I think you’re seeing. Here in the states (I don’t know if they have them elsewhere), we have bunk beds with futons or chairs on the bottom. If one girl is laying across the top bunk and letting her feet sit on the top of a segmented bed, she can comfortably lean, just as you see in the picture. If there’s someone laying on the lower portion, either reclining on a chair or the futon, they would be lower than the girl and their legs would rest exactly as you see, bent off the end of whatever they’re sitting on. If the person on the lower level of the furniture was just a little larger than the person on the top, it would appear as you see, with the legs *almost* being in proportion to the upper part of the body. Another possible explanation could be a trundle bed, or other two-level bedding.

  13. Is there any way of contacting the girl in the picture to ask her what’s going on. Where was the picture obtained from? How can we make this viral?

    1. Give her a call, she’s got two phones.

      Just don’t expect to understand anything she says. She will be speaking a strange language called Like Teen…

    2. You’re in luck because this is a picture of me! My brother alerted me to the fact that this photo was circulating around the internet today. This is a photo of me from at least 6 years ago when I was in high school. I don’t have backwards legs, I’m actually pretty tall, and there is no weird stunt-double on some bottom bunk acting as my legs. It’s just me in the photo, laying on the bed with my legs stuck out behind me with my feet on the ground. I’ve got bellbottom jeans on, and due to the angle of the camera it just looks weird. Optical illusion. No other explanation.

  14. I have worked out picture 2!!!!

    She’s not wearing jeans, she’s wearing a denim skirt.
    The skirt have folded between her thighs so that it looks like she wearing trousers. The legs beneath the length of the skirt is not visible in the picture.

    Now I don’t have to worry about my wife catching me starring at the computer screen with a picture of a teenage girl…

    1. I thought of the skirt idea, but I’m not convinced. If those are her legs under the skirt,they’re still bent at a very unnatural angle — the same as if she’s wearing pants.

    2. When you sit in a chair, the taper of your thigh appears to change because your flesh spreads out over the flat surface that supports it. Since gravity works, whatever is hanging off of what you’re sitting on is pulled downward. The thighs of whoever is sitting on the object below/behind the girl are doing that very thing. Without seeming creepy, you can examine people sitting and see how their thighs spread over whatever they’re sitting on. The fleshier the thigh is, the more noticeable this tendency is.

      –I have really fleshy thighs *blush*.

  15. Thought? Could the young women in the second picture have no legs below the knee. If this was the case it would explain the picture. Her jeans are hanging from the end of her legs giving the apperance of a person with full legs bending them at an extreme angle. Thoughts?

  16. It seems to me that the common theme in all 4 pictures is that what looks like an odd depiction of one person is really a depiction that involves more than one person (or dog in #1). So I think that the answer to #2 is that it’s really two people. There must be someone in a lower bunk as others have already pointed out, and that it’s the particular angle of the photo that creates the odd appearance.

  17. I’d really like to hear an explanation of the girl in #2. I can’t get my brain to see anything other than an amputee or a trick bed with a hole in it. She just isn’t close enough to the edge for her legs to be hanging over straight down from an upper bunk, but I do agree that those certainly look like someone else’s legs. I can *almost* get the jeans-hanging-off-the-end-of-her-legs idea to work, but not quite. I think that it is -barely- possible that she is very flexible (and the bed is very soft) allowing her to double her legs up under her with feet sticking out on the other side, obscured by her head. That’s my best guess. But i sure would like to know the real answer!

  18. Number 2 is driving me crazy. I can’t get it to line up in my head by assuming that we are seeing her calves and not her thighs.

    What about this: What if the pants are NOT conforming to the shape of her legs. Looking at it, you would assume that the shape of the pants is from the legs under them holding them up, but what if there is a strong enough stream of air coming from that vent behind her that the pants are actually inflated by the air current.

    Okay, that might not work either…

  19. I agree with Sophie, I think the legs-in-jeans belong to someone else, maybe sitting on a different surface to the girl we see in the photo. But there are still a couple of things that don’t quite work. Correct me if I’m wrong, Sophie, but I think you mean a bed like this one here?

    Here’s where I’m having trouble:

    1. There is a blue bit of cloth to the right of the photo, that seems to start next to the girl, and continues all the way to where the jeans are. It looks very much like it’s on the same surface. I could maybe think of it as hanging off the edge of the bunk bed, and coming to rest on the futon beneath, but if that were the case, we would see a fold or break in the cloth.

    2. Wouldn’t it be kinda dangerous to have a futon bunk bed, or any kind of double-tier bed with no railings?

    1. 1. I think there is two things going on that our brain is having difficulty with. One is the sort-of folded fabric that hangs off the bed. I don’t think it is resting on anything, I think it is just hanging. The other is the mattress bending under her weight, which appears to extend under the legs. But, if you look at the side-seam of the pants, it appears to be the case that it extends out of the same point that the girl’s hips come into contact with the mattress. Given that the seam is closer to the midsection of leg the rest of the way, that would be a very strangely fitting pair of pants. I think, instead, the bed the girl is leaning on and the person’s legs are just nearly aligned in such a way that it *looks* like the legs are on the bed, creating the illusion that the fabric and surface extend to under whoever is beneath her and partly covering the pants, so that the seam isn’t quite as aligned as the rest of the pant leg. I have a double-pillow top mattress and when there is just a little weight on the edge, it can bend similarly.

      2. Yes, but I’ve known people to not like the rails, so they take them off.

    2. Oops, I worded this part badly:

      “One is the sort-of folded fabric that hangs off the bed. I don’t think it is resting on anything, I think it is just hanging.”

      I meant I don’t think it is resting on anything below the level of her hips. I think it hangs off the edge. I don’t think it goes all of the way down to the other surface, it just looks that way because of how the mattress bends.

    3. You all are overthinking this way too much! This picture is of me. It’s a regular old bed, I’ve got bellbottom jeans on, and my legs are sticking out behind me with my feet on the floor. That’s it. Hilarious that something so simple can be so complicated 🙂

  20. 1 pic the dog is standing behind the baby
    2 pic ???????????
    3 pic afat boy did his head down and d other boy head is showing
    4 pic is about a women bend down and d man is standing

  21. I got it for #2

    This is a case of Occam’s Razor!

    There is NO second person. What you are seeing is a optical illusion alright.

    Her Legs are right there hanging off the bed normally.Those are her entire legs.

    You cannot see her feet. That’s what’s missing.

    Jeans are deceptive. You are seeing the same material and it is a skirt.

    If you take a picture of your jeans at a 10 to degree angle.
    You will think the jeans were as shorter than they are.
    The wrinkles help with the effect by making the true length.

    BOW BOW Thank You..

    No calves today fellas.. LMAO

  22. Okay, so the bed is bowing under her. You cannot see that her legs at the hip is bent at a 5 to 10 degree angle, maybe more. If you look at her shirt you will also find she is not sitting straight. Her body is also bent at the hip like a boomerang. If you look specifically at her LEFT LEG only you will fine it is straight, but there is a bow in her leg, just slight. Stand straight up, run a string down your leg while bent and then straighten you leg till it locks. You will see that the back of your knee is not straight, but bent, just slightly back. Taking into account my first post about this. Her back it be also bent. The key is the bed. If you run a paper across the edge, you will find it’s actually taking her weight and bowing more than you think. Go sit on your bed and take a picture from across the room. You will find that it is a gradient bend then into a deep dive.

    There are several factors here that gave me the answer.

    Bed, Hip angle, back angle, butt angle, legs straight, jeans, skirt, shirt, plus the lack off feet.

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