My fab pals Jenny and paul brought this great footage to me attention.  It is filmed from a CCTV system on a very rough ferry crossing.  So, the camera rolls with the boat and gives the illusion that the boat isn’t moving.  Meanwhile everything, and everybody, is going everywhere!

Like it?


  1. That’s excellent and decidedly weird-looking footage, thanks, Richard 😀 Okay, to be a bit pedantic, I’m wondering why on earth all furniture, on an ocean-going vessel, wasn’t bolted down; but that aside, this is a brilliant piece of footage and, without the explanation, well, the mind might boggle 😀

  2. The footage is actually from Australian Pacific Sun cruise liner 400miles from the coast of New Zealand when giant waves hit the boat causing it to list violently.

    The incident took place in 2008, and cctv footage was released by the Liveleaks website. The incident was fully investigated and lessons learnt have been heeded, including the securing of tables and other furnishings aboard.

    Read more:

    1. Yup, everybody and his dog who goes on the Interwebby saw this so many years ago. At least post the original video not one with ‘music’.

      Handy hint: Youtube shows an upload date.

  3. this is a very good video.I think it is from Costa Concordia cruse ship. I saw this on TV. Richard, I realy enyoyed your e-mails . sometimes is very fuuny like cats illusions and sometimes too hard for me to solve but I tried. Thanks and keep sending to me . I share with my friends who like it a lot. Pauline

  4. This is not a “ferry”. This is the Pacific Sun. Disappointed that you would post a video without spending even a couple of minutes doing some quick research into what it is. Have you done a post about the psychology of why people (like the guy who uploaded this video) take stuff and pretend it’s something that it isn’t? It’s SO common on the Web and it’s SO boring. Is it a syndrome?

  5. not when they definitely dont care about our survival which they dont it may be bullshit but when it does take place it would almost certainly be somthing similar to this . NO warning in any way, thats why all of the key governments from the globe have been developing underground bunkers which in all probability want function in any case

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