The other day I teamed up with magic pal David Britland to produce this new YouTube video…

Did it work for you? ย Find it interesting?


    1. At the risk of spoiling: he attempts to prime your expectations with the words he says at the 11 second mark.

    2. more like :12-13. since i noticed what was up right away, i wonder:

      a. how much does that statement affect one’s susceptibility to this trick?
      b. how much does one’s ability to spot this trick coincide with one’s ability to spot the gorilla?

  1. Spotted what was going on as soon as my card appeared. It probably helped that it was one of the first in the deck, which meant I could confirm my suspicions.

  2. I thought i found my card, i wasnt really looking.. But I didnt understand what it has to do with expectations..

  3. The appearance of the first couple cards surprised me enough that I was able to change the expectations of what I was looking for. In another context, I may have been unable to spot the card, but not here.

  4. I’m a complete tool when it comes to falling for magic tricks, I’ve seen this video 4 times now and STILL have no idea how its done. Could someone laboriously explain in simple terms what is happening?

    1. As an alternative, how about you pause the video on any of the cards, and then get your own deck and find that card in your deck…. Make sure to go back to the paused image again to double check.

    2. The colors of the suits are flipped — diamonds and hearts are black instead of red, and clubs and spades are red instead of black. The color changes make you miss your chosen card.

      As a minor point, ignoring the color change, Richard’s deck is not legal. It contains two Ace of Spades; one colored red and one colored black. He keeps the black one in view to maintain the expectation of a normal deck.

  5. Of course, I had to choose the ace of clubs to start with! Took me 3 runs before I spotted the secret. Very clever!

  6. I was looking for my card 7Diamonds. It was only when I paused at the second red 7 to check it that I could see the trick.
    It’s absolutely about expectation.

  7. It took me 4 times of replay before i spot my card.. Its true.. When i first saw this video, i was expecting my card to disappear and so i couldnt find it..

  8. This is excellent. I thought I saw my card and wondered what the fuss was about, then I looked closer. Very entertaining. Where can I get one?

  9. I’m surprised to say I spotted what was going on pretty much straight away. It all looked and felt wrong from the get go. Made it harder to see my card but I did find it eventually.

  10. This is fantastic. It worked, but I was initially skeptical about the deck. I figured something was up, so (even before I got to the end of the video), I rewound and quickly figured out what was going on. I really like this – it is such a cool idea. I woul buy myself a deck of these cards, just so I could play around with them.

  11. Didn’t work for me, I saw what was happening before my card came up. Maybe if I had picked a card that appeared earlier in the deck it would have worked. Now my question is, can we train our minds to spot tricks like this and actually get better at it? Do the facts that I’ve watched videos like the color changing card trick and the basketball pass counting video, the fact that I’ve spent some time honing my skeptical tools, and the fact that I have some inside knowledge on stage illusions have an impact on my spotting the card? Or is the ability to be fooled so hard wired that I basically just go lucky?

  12. So if we hadn’t been tightly focused on finding one particular card, we’d have seen what was odd straight away? Have you tried showing the deck to a group of people WITHOUT the primer question? If so, what happens?

  13. got me! Might be fun to try it with a group of people, half of which just watch without picking a card first. Then when the group of people who did pick a card first are bewildered, the non-pickers can tell them them what they saw.

  14. Hmm, interesting, Richard. I ran the video twice, but my card was still there, so it hasn’t worked with me; but thanks for sharing it here ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Oh, very clever, Richard! ๐Ÿ˜€ I was tripped up by my own expectation ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve just watched the video again, realised what’s actually happened and noticed that the card I’d thought I’d seen was actually another one (actually, it was almost the opposite) so, perhaps in an unintended way, it is demonstrating the effects of expectation after all ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. I registered the hearts as spades and vice versa. I thought I saw my 4 of hearts (red 4 of spades) and also noticed and wondered why there was another ace of spaces (black ace of hearts) in the deck. I thought a bunch of cards were duplicated while others were removed and the trick would work for some and not others. Then I played it again to look closely and saw the trick.

  16. I fell for it but my daughter picked out the 4 of diamonds straight away – she’s mad, I would never look at the black cards for the 4 of diamonds!

  17. I wonder how much difference it makes whether people watch it full-screen or embedded.

    I watched it embedded. I chose the Five of Spades — which I choose a lot — and at some point had a vague impression that I’d seen two black fives, but I that they’d gone by too quickly for me to register either of them as Spades, or to be confident I’d actually seen them at all.

    I tried to rewind the video to check, but for some reason the Youtube controls had stopped working, and I couldn’t rewind or pause. I panicked a bit.

    After refreshing the page and playing the video again, I spotted the trick fairly quickly.

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