1. Thanks for these, Richard 🙂 These are fascinating and delightful. A few familiar illusions and one or two that, to me, are new, so thanks for sharing more excellent food for thought 😀

    1. Agree about the dots one-never saw anything but white dots. As for the spiral, tried it 3 times and saw absolutly nothing o back of my hand. Disappointed I didn’t see whatever you did Mr. Loony. Envy you.

  2. I don’t get the ‘hand’ ones (no.3 and no.6). Both look like two people/three hands. Am I missing something?

    The one with the two arcs is my favourite – had to watch it again straightaway!

  3. The scream at the end scared me! I was expecting something to happen while looking at the spiral and then the ghostly figure appeared and screamed! Scared the bejeezus out of me

  4. Should have waited until nearer Xmas when kids are off school…
    Even then most of them will have seen these

    Are posters honestly saying they’ve never see all of these years ago?

    Some aren’t even the best (or the original) examples of their type, sadly.

  5. Nice blog you got here. 🙂 I love optical illusions! I certainly like the illusions that can be achieved through visual strokes of the hand. Good job Richard Wiseman. 😀

  6. That’s really cool-but I would like the black screen at the end to last a little longer in order to get the full effect of the last illusion.

    1. seen all the reallysame size yhings before or easily guessed them. P. S. What are you supposed to see after spiral-?saw nothing after several tries.

    1. If you look at the same point in the spiral for a long enough amount of time, then at the back of your hand, it looks like the back of your hand is expanding (or otherwise distorting)

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