On Friday I posted this puzzle….

Into codes?  Yesterday a friend handed me this piece of paper and said that the numbers (15122 1116 96011621) contained a hidden message…. can you work it out?

If you have not tried to solve it, have a go now.  For everyone else the answer is after the break.

It is nothing to do with numbers (sorry about that)!  Instead, when you hold the paper upside down and in front of a mirror, you will see…..

Did you solve it?

I have produced an ebook containing 101 of the previous Friday Puzzles! It is called PUZZLED and is available for the Kindle (UK here and USA here) and on the iBookstore (UK here in the USA here). You can try 101 of the puzzles for free here.


  1. Thanks, Richard 😀 Yep, got this one pretty quickly, without resorting to mirrors. I think something in the way it’s written gave a clue that it wasn’t about numbers. It’s a good one though, so thanks for another delightful brain workout for the weekend 🙂

  2. Copied it into Hypersnap (screenshot software installed at work), did a horizontal mirror, voila! The hardest bit was deciphering the 15 as K and terminal 1 as T – it took several seconds longer than the flip itself…

  3. I converted it to binary then roman numerals then base 17 then into my own counting system which I wrote on one of three card which I offered to my Granny. She picked it staight away and wouldn’t change her mind when shown one of the others so I owe her a car and now have two surplus goats.

  4. Hello there Stephen Elliot. I just got a letter dated 1/19/12 from Lorelie Lee in an envelope from you. I’ve no idea whatsoever how I got on your list. But I’ll write Lorelie back again (a real letter, even), because it was pretty fucking brave of her to write that.

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