Great forced perspective!


I am a fan of forced perspective, and @jbrownridge sent me this great example a few days ago…

Like it?


12 comments on “Great forced perspective!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get it

  2. Pretty good, but it would be better if the big bloke was looking at the little one…

  3. AndyD says:

    Or if he had his mouth open and about to take a bite….. Vey nice.

  4. Hi Richard,

    I just got your mail out saying you were speaking today in London at international magic. I just googled it and all I can find is magic events that are not taking place this week! For example: etc etc, I REALLY would LOVE to hear you speak, and I am based in England so for me this is totally possible. I had a look on your “Speaking” page and there are no details there either on where you are speaking.

    I know that ultimately if you are talking somewhere, it is their responsibility to get the audience in so the ownus is not on you to advertise it… however whether you know it or not you have a very real fan base here because of you are online. Do not feel you are boasting or self promoting – rather you are helping to inform us of where we can hear you speak! 🙂

    Right, I do feel a little like some kind of crazy stalker man now so I am going to stop, I just got a bit over excited. I am a magic enthusiast so the talk really appealed!

    Have fun at the talk today – and perhaps if you do video it and choose to youtube it, we would love it if you shared it through your blog here.

  5. Paul Pearson says:

    I must admit at first to thinking “Why is a doll pointing?”

  6. Mridula says:

    Got it …good! 🙂 That’s true too sometimes!

    Critique/review/comment my flash fiction in the LINK please

  7. mikekoz68 says:

    I still dont get it? There’s a small guy in a big guy’s hand with a woman lookin on–what am I missing?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Would be funny if the guy also held an action figure 😀

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