1. Love this video and, funnily enough, was thinking about it the other day. It was an illusion the first time I watched it as the screen resolution must have been so bad that I couldn’t make out the guys in black to start with (or I just didn’t see them!). Definitely has cult status in my mind.

  2. Maybe if it was better done it would deserve cult status. As it is, it just looks like some guys carrying people around.

    1. I think that’s part of its charm, isn’t it? Well it is for me. It’s almost a spoof on that old series ‘Monkey’. You know it’s implausible but that’s what makes it kind of endearing.

  3. It looks awesome :D. They just need better stage and better costumes. But the concept and work is amazing :).

  4. this looks like it was from the same show, and it is probably more brilliant:

    so the question becomes, what was this t.v. show?

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