Here is the puzzle.  As ever, please do NOT post your answers, but do say if you think you have solved the puzzle and how long it took. Solution on Monday.

You are all alone on a desert island and want to measure exactly 3 inches (I have no idea why, but that isn’t important right now). Unfortunately, you have only an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper. How can you use it to measure exactly 3 inches?

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    1. Seems pretty obvious to me:

      Mark a point 2.345207879911715 inches on one edge
      Mark a point 1.870828693386971 inches along the adjacent edge
      Draw a line between the 2 marked points. Thanks to Pythagoras, this line will be exactly 3 inches in lenghth

      (Sits back and waits for the pedants to respond)

    2. Dave’s Neighbour
      How did you come up with such a simple answer?

    3. @Deep Field: *Likes this*
      Love it! In other words, “if you can’t read instructions not to post the answer, you’re disqualified, dummy!”
      It does, however, look like an intentionally humorous, tongue-in-cheek answer to me. I would post (*only* that kind!

  1. Less than 10s. Much longer afterwards trying to work out how to do it with Pythagoras’ theorem as some of the other comments suggest.

  2. One key question for me is just how exactly is “exaxtly”
    My solution is at least not mathematically exact, as the e.g. the thickness of the paper and the exactness of the 11 annd 8,2 both are unknown…
    less than an minute…

    1. The shadow moved a fractio on my sundial before I had stumbled upon a solution. However, it is exact, and done without the assistance of my friend Pythagorus.

  3. I hope that the Pythagorean geniuses will post their inexact answers to educate all us idiots that got a precise answer in under a minute.
    On Monday, of course.

  4. Every friday im surprised about the mess here. All bad human characteristics appears in this place. Poor intelligent human being !

  5. I took ~45 seconds to come up with an answer, and another 20 to check it. I thought myself brilliant. Then my partner came (indepentantly) came up with a totally different, much easier answer in less time.

    I am ashamed.

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