It’s the Friday Puzzle!


Here is the puzzle.  As ever, please do NOT post your answers, but do say if you think you have solved the puzzle and how long it took. Solution on Monday.

Two fathers and two sons were seated round a table.  There were four apples on the table.  Each of them took one apple and ate it entirely yet there was still one apple left on the table. How was this possible?

I have produced an ebook containing 101 of the previous Friday Puzzles! It is called PUZZLED and is available for the Kindle (UK here and USA here) and on the iBookstore (UK here in the USA here). You can try 101 of the puzzles for free here.


79 comments on “It’s the Friday Puzzle!

  1. Julie says:

    Is it really that easy this week ?

  2. SofARMaths says:

    About a second.

  3. Carl says:

    I’m sure you’ve done this one before.

  4. Gib says:

    About a second.

  5. Chris says:

    Yep, it took me three menutes to solve 😉

  6. Paul Pearson says:

    I think I got it. Took about 1/2 a second. But as PIL sang, “I could be wrong, I could be right”.

  7. Roland says:

    I didn’t know that iPads or iPhones could reproduce 🙂

  8. Hula Moo says:

    Really that easy?

  9. The Moron says:

    Back to The Puzzler for me

  10. falsedog says:

    Took a out 40 mins to work out an answer – helps to know a thing or 3 about apples

  11. Gareth says:

    Way too easy.

  12. Sari1967 says:

    Straightforward today feeling smug

  13. -M- says:

    Took me 10 seconds

  14. Martin says:

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !

  15. Roy Gillett says:

    Seemed so easy (I had a feeling what the answer was before I even got to the end of the question) that I wonder if there’s a trick

  16. penelope says:

    me too. i think it’s a question of having done similar ones in the past!

  17. ormaza says:

    Hello. I’ve solved it spending 5 seconds only. It’s very easy….with opened mind, of course.

    Saludos. Iñigo👀🇪🇸

    El 26/10/2012, a las 08:30, Richard Wiseman escribió:

    > >

  18. Goliath says:

    “Two fathers and two sons…” ok, got it. Next!

  19. stuart hamilton says:

    Got it before I had even finished reading it.

  20. Mickey D says:

    Easy! 1 sec

  21. deepak says:

    Mr Richard , what happened , this is not puzzle

  22. Nigel says:

    Yup, saw the answer before finishing the question.

  23. Anders says:

    this one is at least a hundred years old, I have seen it so many times before in riddle books. I’m not sure it counts as “easy” when the reason you know it is that you have seen it before

  24. Zoe Trodd ~ Kip McGrath Sevenoaks says:

    Ooooh, at last I think I can solve one of your puzzles!! And it took me about 30 seconds!

  25. Tom says:

    As long as it took me to read it, but I think I’ve seen it before.

  26. Navneeth says:

    The first five words were enough.

  27. Niva says:

    I would have to classify the solution to this puzzle as trivial. How could anyone not get it immediately?

  28. Mars Buggy says:

    Methinks you post easy ones from time to time to make us all feel better, lol

  29. Dave's neighbor says:

    I discussed this with my dad and my son and suddenly realised ……..

  30. Anonymous says:

    Yes it was easy, and yes I got it before I finished reading the question, but that doesn’t mean you can post the answer in the comments.

  31. Steve Jones says:

    I could make a good argument there would be two apples left…

    • The Masked Twit says:

      Two apples left is the “right” answer unless one of the fathers came about via spontaneous generation.
      One apple left does’t make sense.

  32. Batman says:

    I got it!
    For the morning, under a minute isn’t too bad! If I’m right, of course!

  33. peter says:

    Even a thick-o like me got this one 🙂

  34. mittfh says:

    (Yawn) I’d solved it before I’d reached “How was this possible?”

    Whatever happened to the taxing puzzles? Could we club together and buy Richard a decent puzzle book for Christmas? 🙂

  35. Mick says:

    Got it, less then 10 sec 🙂

  36. Indy says:

    got it in seconds…

  37. SilverMarc says:

    Anyone who already knows this one (it’s an “old saw” as they say) can’t really claim to have “figured it out.” But there should be some people to whom it’s new. Unless they saw Dave’s typical spoiler. A better puzzle would be: Why is Dave such a schmuck?

  38. ladymac says:

    Solved it in a few seconds.

  39. ivan says:

    He lies. There were 3 sons there.

  40. This was a hard one for me…. back when I was 6.

  41. Marina says:

    Yes really easy this week! 🙂

  42. Tibi says:

    It’s impossible, because every father is also a son.
    Unless you believe in Adam & Eve…

  43. As long as it took me to read it, and I haven’t heard this particular riddle before. 🙂

  44. Tim G says:

    These are getting to be rather old and far too easy

  45. Greetje Noppert says:

    how do I kickstart it?

  46. laconicsax says:

    For everyone saying that it was too easy or that it’s written wrong, you’re not thinking enough outside the box.

    Think about cloning and how Fry is his own grandfather. That should put you on the right track. 3 apples are eaten.

  47. Way, WAY too easy. (However, I do note some ‘geniuses’ here who don’t understand what “As ever, please do NOT post your answers” means…)

  48. Anonymous says:

    It took me about 30 seconds.

  49. Jerry996 says:

    About one minute after reading it.

  50. Chakolate says:

    I believe you’ll find that there were two fathers and *three* sons.

  51. Henry says:

    You’ve got to be kidding, Richard. The answer was obvious before I finished reading the question.

  52. Knightmyr says:

    Took about 10 seconds. 🙂 it’s a variation on one I’d heard before though so I can’t feel so good about it.

  53. ezra says:

    15 seconds max.

  54. Paul Murray says:

    2 seconds. Come on, dude, lift your game!

  55. Done Gone Galt says:

    A variation

    Three fathers went to a dinner without their spouses.
    Each was accompanied by their oldest child.
    They all sat together at the same table.
    No others sat at that table.
    Both sexes were at the table
    6 pieces of Rhubarb pie were brought to the table for dessert.
    Each parent ate a piece of pie, to set a good example for his child.
    Each of the three children claimed to eat a piece of pie.
    After the meal there were three pieces of pie left.
    What sex was the child that lied?

  56. lamanga2004 says:


  57. sllroberts says:

    There were four people. One of the sons was sitting inside his father’s stomach, and ate the same apple as his father.

  58. felixpetrar says:

    One second really, not even two seconds.

  59. Donald says:

    I want to know what happened to the third apple.

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