I love this – a great use of illusory motion…..

Does it work for you?


  1. It depends on where I look. It only works when I look at the end of a wall, not if I look at what’s on the other side of it.

  2. Good that there is the sky and moon etc at the end, the other stuff .. moves .. really focussed on the end (dont like feeling dizzy, as that might result in nausea)

  3. Silly thing creeps every time my point of focus shifts. Rock steady as long as I focus on a single point. I can get a slow but steady pace by shifting quickly from corner to corner. Shifting focus on points more toward the center gives a less even and slower pace for me.

  4. Amazing how the evolved processes of the brain creates illusions of our environments. I ponder the concept of “free will”

  5. Nothing at first. Then, after 15-30 seconds of glancing around at various details, I notice that with each eye movement, the tunnel seems to expand slightly. I wonder if other people who reported seeing nothing might notice this too.

  6. saw the illusion immediately then when I slowly revealed the picture to see when the movement starts, i no longer could see the motion, did my eyes get used to it by closely analyzing it?

  7. What’s the point? No apparent motion, no 3d steganographic image. If glare hurting eyeballs is the intent, then you have a winner.

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