1. Heh.. Not magic, physics!

      I won’t say how it works in case someone else is enjoying the puzzle.

  1. though I am amazed of their ability to sync with each other. But I have something else going in my mind. If a system goes from chaos to civilized, then it should go from civilized to chaos. Should chaos happen here after some time. Or is the video cut short for the chaos to happen. If I live for infinite time, 😉 , I want to be immortal! , would I be able to see chaos in metronomes?
    Or I my theory is all wrong?

    1. It’s not a closed system. Air resistance and gravity are working to drain off the energy. You won’t see a return to disorder until the batteries run out. Even then, you’ll see various metronomes suddenly slow down to a slight wobble until they all run out of power and the friction stops the entire process. I think it would take a very long time though. I haven’t changed the battery in my little metronome in years.

    2. The reason the metronomes synchronize is not coincidental. It’s not a temporary synchronization of beats. There is a common link between the group that turns the entire group into a single system. I don’t want to ruin anyone’s fun by revealing, but I’m sure someone will eventually.

  2. It would have been cleaner if the camera had been pulled back a bit to show that there wasn’t a human and moving the base. The metronomes themselves would have been able to move that base. To make it even more surprising they should have had the camera attached to the base so that the base wasn’t visibly moving.

  3. the right one is cool .. nice and stubborn as long as possible .. physics need to check up on that one .. keep an eye on that energy system man ..

  4. Maybe stupid, but it brought up my mind that the space objects could have synchronized themselves with something similar like this.

  5. That is cool, it looks like they are sitting on a cradle sort of thing and the combined weight of them all in acting on the base wobble which in turn is acting back on all the metronomes to sync them.

  6. As an analogy, this is a lot like the way the electrical power grid works. In the US almost all generators are syncronized to operate at 60 Hz at the same phase. If one unit drifts off 60 hz even by the smallest percentage the overwhelming majority will attempt to pull it back into phase. If they all got out of sync the result would be catastophic destruction of the generators.

  7. I thought that I had an answer to the Friday Puzzle (12/10/12) but it was just a circular argument.
    Toodle Pip

    1. You’ll have to work it out for yourself Eddie Tosser – I’m not giving you any clues.

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