1. He definitely showed that “magic is for all ages.” A toddler or a centenarian could screw that up just as badly and be equally unable to recover.


    2. Ur a fucking asshole, sure he fucked up, but magic does sometimes! Not every trick goes right every time! Look at some magicians dying in there tricks! I know this trick and it doesn’t work for me sometimes either!

  2. She didn’t follow the instructions correctly, but he should have noticed that. You start the deck with all four aces on top. Then you create the four piles, which means that the four aces are now on top of the fourth pile. Then for each one, you take three off the top and put them on the bottom, and then deal the next three on to the other three piles. This means by the time you get to the fourth pile, there are three cards on top of the aces. You take those off and put them on the bottom, and then deal the next three cards, three aces, on to the other three piles, leaving one ace on the fourth pile. Then you turn over the top of each pile to see an ace.

    What she did was remove three cards and then deal one other card out. How he did not notice this is baffling. This is a trick I learned when I was about 8. What this meant is that she wasn’t having any effect on the aces until the second last pile, when she put one card on top of four aces. Then she took three off the top – a random card and two aces, and put them on the bottom, and then put one card – an ace – on the first pile. At this point there would be aces on top of the first and last pile, and the other two aces would have been on the bottom of the last pile.

    1. You really shouldn’t give away a magician’s secrets. Now people won’t have an incentive to buy his DVD. Oh wait…

    2. I agree, he should’ve brought an assist or someone who spoke his own language and knew his b.s to do that, as the way he explained it so quickly as if she already knew this big shuffle card math game you gotta play to pull it off, seemed like he’s used to just assuming the ppl he’s working with are going to say there lines, play their part and so on… live shows are much different then acting on tv. There’s no re-dos and no scripted rehearsed anything , people of great talent go on stage and bomb it just because it’s a different setting that seems to intimidate people. But really, they should’ve either had someone who knew how to count the cards right or he should’ve been instructed to walk her through it step by step the way you ^ just wrote it out as he simply said something along the lines of, “take three off the top then replace it with one” or something quick n easy, and what you just explained actually sounds like a bit more wrk, and possibly demanding a little more attention or focus to what you are doing. And that’s just it, it’s not her daily job to pay attention to small details like what card accidently got placed where… it’s his.

  3. She followed his instructions exactly. He said, “Take 3 cards, put them underneath, then put the next card on top of there.” If he doesn’t know his own trick then that’s all his fault, not hers. I thought his trying to sort it out was extraordinarily amateurish – looking through each pile, what the …? He should have just accepted defeat and moved on.

    1. You should just admit that you couldn’t have done it better and move on.This is his life’s work,people.Open your eyes and admit,he’s got talent that it would take us years to master.

    2. amateur is a word that means new at this.Would you have been able to do all of the things on t.v. if you were new at this?saw a girl in half?make a girl disappear?catch a bullet in your mouth?

  4. He seemed to be floundering from the start. He took the wrong pack out of his pocket, then he was checking his pockets, and then it was like he was distracted for the remainder of the trick. It was like he’d just had some bad news right before going on stage, and then was completely unable to focus.

  5. It might have been better if he’d said something like, “I’m sorry. Something went wrong. It happens once in a while. Let’s try again/ another trick.” I would think magicians would have prepared things to say or do in situations like this, but maybe not always. It seemed he was trying to salvage the trick but should ended it earlier before looking at all the cards.

    1. ‘bIg difference’.Hey,how about you search ‘Val Valentino’ on google?I promise you that this video will come up,so you’ll know that it’s him.

  6. “But can he really perform magic?”

    Well I’d have to say, probably yes. We may disapprove of how this individual has chosen to make his living (by exposing the hard won skills and techniques of performance magicians), but it’s my understanding that he performs and explains magic very competently the vast majority of the time. Therefore my predominant feeling when watching this single clip is of one of schadenfreude: that he failed, and so spectacularly failed to cover up his fail. But yes, absolutely no reason to think that he’s not an otherwise very competent stage magician…

    1. Thank you so much for leaving a kind comment.you are so nice.I agree that the magician is very competent and just because he messed up doesn’t make him a good place to sit and blackball.And anybody whom hides behind a screen name like ‘Fran6co’ is just hiding the fact that they don’t like the fact that he’s better than them.so thank you,Adzcliff,for not completely blackballing him because he messed up.

  7. LMAO, that was awesome, why did he keep going once he realised he’d messed up, surely he knew it wasn’t gonna get any better. It was like a child doing a bad trick that you just need to persevere with until the end and smile encouragingly.

    1. Only laughing once is like telling you best friend at their grandma’s funeral that it was a complete wonder she even lived as long as she did and then taking it back,it still hurts and it makes things even worse.

  8. I thought I was going to feel sorry for him, but he was so unprofessional in the way he dealt with his mistake that I didn’t.

  9. This guy is annoying. I don’t care if it’s magic, illusions, stunts or tricks, call it what you want, they’re fun to watch and I personally don’t need someone, regardless of his motives, spoiling the fun for me.

    1. Finally someone getting the point! Magic is no fun or fantastic if you know the secret. You want to say “Wow, how did he do that”, and you can not say it if you know the secret. If you reveal the secret it is no longer magic.
      Valentino and people on Youtube are ruin magic. They only want to earn money or get likes and hits!

  10. I think going on television with a trick that you obviously haven’t rehearsed enough and can screw up that badly is probably more damaging to the profession of magicians than all his reveals have been put together.

    I was prepared to say it proves something I’ve said for a long time: small magic is harder and more impressive than grand illusion by far. The real work in grand illusions is done by engineers and designers and builders and stage hands, often well in advance of going on stage (though some of those designers and builders are also the illusionists). Small magic is all in the hands of the performer on the spot. But I can’t really say it proves that, the trick shouldn’t have been all that hard, he just blew it.

  11. What if the guy in the video was NOT the “real” Masked Magician (Val Valentino, supposedly) and had purposefully shown two decks at the beginning, failed the trick and recovered with such lack of professionalism? This way he could ruin the reputation of the Masked Magician, and no TV show would invite him anymore…
    Thank you for following this “conspiracy” special 🙂 . This was just to highlight how easily we can be fooled – and end up saying whatever comes to our mind – when people use masks (“We are Anonymous”… but who is “we”?).

  12. That just made me squirm. Not even any schadenfreude. There is nothing worse than seeing someone screw up so badly and then fail in their attempt at recovering the mess.

    1. Think about it, at the time this show was aired Val Valentino had already showed himself to be the “Masked Magician” so why would he need to wear the mask? I agree with the people on here that think this is a conspiracy an not the real Valentino who had been doing performances in Vegas, one of the biggest shoebox places in America, so he would have been more than competent at that card trick.

  13. It’s some guy wearing a mask. How do we know it’s THE “masked magician?” Can’t just assume because the mask looks like the one the “real” guy wears that it’s actually him.

  14. It sounds like him@johnnybunn, but yes I do have to wonder if it is actually him, because he already exposed himself, so why would he have to wear the mask again? I don’t really get that. But, if it was him, then epic fail! I agree with you rufusx, smaller magic tricks are more impressive and nicer, because they all have to come from the magician, whereas with illusions etc, they also come from the engineers etc that you already mentioned. But whoever this person was regardless, he wasn’t a magician, to have stuffed up such an easy trick and then carry on with it even though we all could tell it was an epic fail! lol Yeah I’d defo want to wear a mask if I was that embarrassingly bad.

  15. To be honest I find the simpler tricks better and nicer, and a lot of the time magicians don’t even use real decks of cards, they use magic set decked cards that act in certain ways etc, very rare you will see many card tricks performed by magicians by genuine decks of cards. You get the odd times but not very often.

    1. ” very rare you will see many card tricks performed by magicians by genuine decks of cards”

      Rubbish. Beyond the level of hobbyist any magician worth their salts has a bank of sleights he can call on to control, force and reveal a card effectively. Your assertion that magicians only use gaffed or gimmicked decks is wrong. Go read “The Royal Road to Card Magic” or “Card College”.

      This is a self working effect that he is so bad at he manages to mess up. As a magician it makes me feel embarrassed for him, then a little angry he would add this dreck to the damage he’s already done to magic.

  16. “probably more damaging to the profession of magicians than all his reveals have been put together”

    Exactly how much damage did this performance on some obscure Asian TV show do to “the profession of magicians”?

  17. “probably more damaging to the profession of magicians than all his reveals have been put together”

    right because everyone knows magic is real


    2. Nobody thinks magic is real, but we want to be fooled and amazed and see something that looks like magic even though we know it’s a trick. But if we know the secret, we are not fooled and amazed and we won’t get the feeling that we saw some “real” magic.
      So yes, Valentino is a bad person that did the revealings for the money and not for the magic as he claimed.

  18. unfortunately, people who don’t believe magic is real will never find it. I’m of the mind that I love knowing both what the trick looks like and the dirty work behind it to pull it off. I’m never disappointed when I see a trick where I’m all, wtf,, then when i find out how it was done, it’s another wtf but I always love how devious it is. it’s what got me into magic in the first place. I think if someone wants to know the working behind any trick, they would hunt that answer down themselves. plenty of ways to do it.

    I don’t believe this is the real masked magician. even a stage magician can pull off a card trick like this because they have had the discipline to practice their tricks to get them spot on to create the illusion of wonderment. if they don’t feel confident ,they won’t show it. this trick is one of the first tricks people will learn. why would someone want to learn this trick if it looked so boring, even if it did go as planned, the patter of a seasoned magician just wasn’t there.

    also, fox is the authority on what is true….? there are also many ways to pull off these tricks that he has revealed and likely, no one will really remember this in a few years.

    yes, he has hurt magicians financially. some magicians have paid for exclusive performance rights to these tricks. they and maybe a select few others know how it’s done. it’s not like it cost them 5 dollars. I do hope this shoves the magic community a bit more underground again when it comes to tricks. magic isn’t about knowing how it is done, like all the youtube kids think it is. it’s about letting that child like amazement come back for a second when you see a magician preform a spectacular trick. who cares how it’s done. the effect is usually worth the watch…isn’t it?

    1. Right on!
      If you learn a trick from Youtube, you want to show it to somebody to amaze them. But guess what. Millions have seen the same trick and the person you are showing it to goes “ah, I know that trick” . So you can not amaze them anymore. That’s why magic should be kept as a secret and only people interested in learning and performing magic should be able to know the secret. Not millions of curious people that just want the secret.

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  20. I have seen thousands of stage performances by Val Valentino including brilliant outdoor performances. The masked magician is a trained professional everybody knows that well. He is too far from the trick I have just seen. The masked magician once performed dangerous tricks that you felt so risky that you felt like shout him stop before the worst happened but he always survived!. The fact is: after he revealed their secrets angry magicians surely felt like revenge and Im strongly convinced this is one attempt to stain his renown!. A trick without revelation is as incomplete as a short story that never reaches the end but that just resorts to end in suspense because the author simply fails to conclude. Dirt revelation is part of a trick and that must be accepted! Above is just some frustrated unprofessional magician(at card-trick level) who just wants to win the spotlight through the Masked magician’s personality, not the Masked magician at all!

    1. A trick without revelation is magic. A trick revealed is just a trick and no longer magic!

  21. Hahhahaha this masked magician dude is the most dumb magician of all time. Nigga is stupid as hell not knowing how to cover his phaggot @ss mistake. Hahahahahah damn im cracking up watching this retarded magician performed this lamed @ss trick and failed. Hahahhahahhahhahahhah

  22. That didn’t sound like Valentino. I remember an episode of Diagnosis Murder with him in it. >_> I wager it was the fake magician.

  23. The masked magician is a legend. So what, a trick went wrong for him. These things can happen. Maybe he was nervous during the performance, and it just didn’t work. I don’t think, we have seen the last of him. I hope he will be back, with another show.

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  25. Definitely not the original masked magician, he was a bigger build as valentino is slimmer and leaner in the masked outfit, when exposing himself. For what reason why the real masked magician is still in hiding is baffling.

    1. Watch the video clip from his TV special where he revealed himself, and do a voice comparison with the above clip. He very much sounds like Val Valentino. 🙂

      Remember that his TV specials were almost 20 years ago (1997-1998). Many people do, of course, gain weight as they age, and Val did gain weight since then.

  26. This isn’t Val Valentino.

    The voice IS different, and after watching a lot of his shows (As the Masked Magician and as Valentino)…I seriously doubt this is the original. Don’t ask me how someone else could assume the persona or nom de guerre, but this isn’t the original. He wouldn’t screw this trick up.

  27. Not Mr. Valentino
    Not the original “Masked Magician” character

    The mask was incorrect, the hand dexterity was also not of eithers caliber.

    One note, the TV show from the late 90s “Masked Magician” was a character invented by Mr. Valintino, and played by a double. There was never any statement made that he performed the “Tricks” on the TV show. He did however state he was the character, which was played by a stand-in to confuse professionals from suspecting the characters true identity.

    I worked on the production crew at the time, Mr. Valentino was never on the set of any performance.

    1. I thought so, He don’t even sound like him, or have his mannerism, The way of speak, sounds so unprofessional. I doubt is him.

  28. I don’t give a damn if he messed up one or two tricks once in a while. Only matter for me is to learn how to banish a train or huge elephant. He tough those very nicely. And i agree with valentino that those tricks become old. If magician want to get famous then they have to be innovative and bring up fresh ideas to the stage.

    1. true,but at least Valentino had the guts to show us how they all work.I would be so afraid to do that.Especially since the black balling would be unbearable.

  29. I honestly think he was just a little nervous.Give the guy a break!If you had so many fans depending on you to do something right on LIVE T.V.,you would probably be nervous too.Personally,I’m a huge fan of his,and I don’t like you people saying bad things about him without showing who you really are.Only jerks do that,and I should know jerks.Give him a break,considering that you probably couldn’t do any better.Everybody gets nervous.If you had been playing a band instrument your whole life and suddenly had to play your first concert all alone on live T.V.,I’m pretty sure you’d mess up once or twice.So give the man a break,and forget about it because we all make mistakes,whether on T.V. or not.

  30. yah,right.you just don’t know what your talking about.the masked magician is a fake and a fraud.you must be him,trying to defend yourself.

  31. Actually,I’m an 11 year old.But clearly,you have no idea what your doing and run with the crowd.Your too clueless to make your own decisions.

  32. All good and bad magicians make mistakes so what’s the deal at least he’s not dying or anything so I’m glad

  33. Personally I’m glad he messed up because that shows even professionals can make mistakes thank you masked man you inspired my 7 year old to try magic tricks and when I showed this video I explained not everyone is perfect just make sure you work hard to get it right most of the time and since then he’s been trying even harder to do card tricks and such so masked man thanks for the inspiration you still rock 8D

  34. The greatest magicians are Penn & Teller and the OG Masked Magician. They make magic fun and interesting. Seems like most of the rest of the magic world is big man-babies that hate on Val even though he single handedly made people give a shit about magic again.

  35. Show me a magician who has never failed and I will show you a magician who has never performed. js. It takes a lot of guts to try this stuff. I am NO magician, or even tried to be. But they are illusionists! There is no magic! They are tricks and that is the fun in it. To see if you can find the fail…and the good ones you can’t find it. We all know we are being tricked. But it is the amazement that they fooled us that makes us happy. Magic isn’t real….It is fun to see if that person can fool us! I don’t really care if they fail from time to time. I like that when they pull it off, i say to myself…How did that person fool me? Stop taking yourselves too seriously.

    1. The problem is that Valentino has revealed a lot of tricks, so it won’t amaze us, fool us or make us happy when you see the tricks as you described. And the excuse of revealing the tricks saying that magicians has to come up with new tricks is BS. Lot of the tricks was not old and even so, we like seing them again. And magicians DO come up with new tricks and always have. And what about the new generation that haven’t seen the old tricks! Now that is ruin for them thanks to Valentino. Yes, he truly is a great guy!

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