Everyone and their dog has sent me this wonderful vision of the face on – profile illusion.  It is wonderful!


  1. Surely, there is some photoshop in play here: aside from the added eyebrow and eyelash to the cut-out, that nostril is either in profile or that man has an unusually wide nose. Does it count as an illusion if it’s photoshopped?

    1. Of course it is photoshoped (meaning it has been created on a computer from real pictures through digital manipulation, though not necessarily with Photoshop). There is no intention of passing it as the unaltered picture of a half-faced guy. And of course it is an illusion, and a great one: there is no requirement in the definition of optical illusion to be a photograph of a real subject (or object), and most aren’t.

  2. To who ever did it–great work!!!!
    Saw the full on 1st-then the profile then got dizzy trying to see the full on face again–but no luck.

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