The impossible window!


Another great illusion video from聽brusspup…..


9 comments on “The impossible window!

  1. Cem says:

    thanks, it’s really great illusion!

  2. Really clever illusion. I find it all the more impressive because of showing the pole and sword in front of the window before the penetration – it somehow convinces you that the window is flat. Excellent!

  3. tgmagic says:

    My mind and eyes loved it!
    This is a variation of an illusion that Jerry Andrus performed on “The Best of Magic ” back around 1990. The structures he used were two large gold nuts. This can be viewed on youtube or volume one of his “Lifetime of Magic” DVD. Mr. Andrus was another very clever man.

    • tgmagic says:

      To Brusspup,
      I’d like to credit the late Jerry Andrus, NOT Kokichi Sugihara for the CONCEPT of this design. As mentioned above, check the references above for the correction.
      Better yet, check with the Steinmeyers, Caveneys, Gaughans and Mavens for a second opinion.
      Many people have forgotten or have no idea who Mr. Andrus was or the great things he created.

  4. One Eyed Jack says:

    Didn’t you already post this about a month ago?

  5. Dr. Dan says:

    My brain actually “bent” the sword so as to make it snake it’s way through.

  6. Ian says:

    That’s an excellent illusion, Richard, thanks for that 馃檪 It’s amazing how the mind will adjust its perceptions of reality to help things make sense 馃榾

  7. […] "CRITEO-300×250", 300, 250); 1 meneos La ventana imposible (ilusi贸n 贸ptica) [ENG]…  por felpeyu2 hace […]

  8. Hyon says:

    I usually learn something when i cease by here, Eric. Thanks!

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