Skull or flower – you decide!


My pal Phil Plait has recently posted this great example of pareidolia … a flower that looks like a skull…..

The picture was the work of Todd Terwilliger …… impressed?


11 comments on “Skull or flower – you decide!

  1. Lazy T says:

    I wouldn’t like to see a bushful of those in my garden.

  2. dharmaruci says:

    thank you for allowing me to decide rather than telling me what to think. i think it is clearly a flower. the outer cirlce of petals make that more obvious. it is less likely to be a skull in a floury ruff in my opinon.

  3. Anders says:

    but if the petals is a dead giveaway, it could be the skull of the giveaway

  4. Martha says:

    If it’s ‘the work of Todd Terwilliger’, does that mean it’s shopped? or manipulated in some other way?

  5. -M- says:

    I like normal roses better…

  6. Ian says:

    Wow, that’s an amazingly spooky coincidence of form, especially with the withered petals! Enough to make anyone pause and shudder in the midst of a walk through the garden. Rather perfect for the pumpkin patch on Hallowe’en 🙂

  7. CAPER says:

    Obviously the grower used a lot of bonemeal to fertilize.

  8. therublezoo says:

    Since the tiny burg my hubby and I live in believe we are the witch and warlock of town, I wish I had a flower garden full of these little beauties.

  9. marycanada says:

    Amazing…priming doing it’s thing!

  10. Afton says:

    My potential in laws!!! They create a adorable few really don’t they?!?!?

  11. I can’t subscribe to your channel

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