I have just created a new Quirkology video – hope you like it!


    1. I think that’s why I was so successful. I saw something odd, and realized there would be a trick. Actually, I rarely fail to notice things like this since reading thia blog.

  1. Yeah, I think we’ve been around Richard Wiseman long enough to know what to expect with things like this. Under normal circumstances I don’t think I’d have noticed anything odd.

  2. The first time I watched, I thought I saw one card with a multi-coloured picture back. So I was quite surprised when I watched it back that there were several pictures, but all in black & white. Weird.

    1. That’s quite odd actually, I also thought I saw something coloured. I knew there would be some kind of a a did-you-see-the-gorilla thing going on, and kept my eyes open for that. But I focused on counting the cards and only took a good look at the pictures on the second I watched the video. Could have sworn they were in colour the first time around!

  3. I failed, I missed the message, spotted the spotty dog and other pics, lost count of the red cards and dripped coffee down my shirt.

  4. 1. Count red cards.
    2. Wait, there are words there!
    3. Count cards and watch back…
    4. How many red cars? 7, 9?
    5. Now pictures… a woman…
    6. A mess in my mind. Look down for solution.
    6. Wiseman is evil… 🙂

  5. “It’s difficult, so watch closely.” Knowing Richard, that tipped me off to look for something else. But I didn’t see the two 5 of clubs in a row near the end as pointed out earlier. Maybe that was the actual test.

  6. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me as I remember seeing Lance Burton do a similar effect on the documentary ‘The Science of Magic’.

  7. I expected a trick, but played along with the card counting per instructions. I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary until the photo of the woman was shown, which managed to gain my attention (what does that say about me? :-). Still got the count right.

    My conclusion is that magicians using attractive assistants is a further form of helpful misdirection. A dude in a gorilla suit just wouldn’t be as useful.

  8. For me the words signaled that there was something else to look at. Maybe they were too close to the center of view. Maybe they were words. But for whatever reason it didn’t quite work for me as expected.

  9. I counted the cards right, and also noticed that there were some pictures. I just thought that they were decorations, which had nothing to do with the test. :´D I did’t notice the first ones, though.

  10. Whenever Richard Wiseman uploads an awareness test I never look at what I’m supposed to. I think I’ve seen too many of them.

  11. I started out looking for red clubs or spades. Then halfway through, I said to myself, “hey, this is a gorilla thing.” It was just in time to make out a torso which seemed to be moving. Evidently, the pictures of the man and the woman melded into an animated image. I did, however, get fifteen red cards; all diamonds and hearts.

  12. Yeah I missed it but you set a very specific task. You asked us to count the red cards. And I did. And I was good at it. Had the task been “Find the hidden message” then I think you get a different result… stoopid hidden message… 😀

  13. i did not see the messages or pictures on the cards. but then again, my focus was on the faces of the cards as they were dealt. this test is very different from the “gorilla” test, where the gorilla was right in the middle of what we were supposed to be watching.

    so perhaps a better message would have been, “it’s amazing what you miss to the right and up aways from what’s right in front of your eyes.”

  14. I counted the cards correctly, and managed to see the pictures of the people but missed the other stuff. I wondered if i saw them because they were people as opposed to dogs and chickens?

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