Funny or cruel – you decide!


@Letitia_Potorac sent me this video of a shampoo-based practical joke….

Some people find it very funny and others somewhat cruel.  What do you think?


40 comments on “Funny or cruel – you decide!

  1. carlosnz says:

    It’s pretty funny, but I’m finding it a little hard to believe. Can someone really be that stupid/oblivious?

  2. Simon Taylor says:

    The clue is in the accent… 😉

  3. Ian says:

    Yeah, fairly funny in a rather mediocre kind of way and doesn’t seem cruel: just a bit of a harmless prank really 🙂

  4. Charles Sullivan says:

    I watched with the sound off, and I found it more funny than cruel.

    But if they were on a submarine where they could only take a two minute shower once a week, then it would be more cruel than funny.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t seem funny or cruel. Just a waste of time and shampoo.

  6. Guy Flaneur says:

    Stupid and obviously contrived. But at least he now has squeaky clean hair.

  7. Julie says:

    Why do I just think – what a waste of shampoo?

  8. Quincy says:

    Hilarious! Now for the critical analysis bit. Yes it’s childish and the poor subject should’ve realised that something ‘funny’ was going on but it’s harmless fun. Especially when you think of the cruel ‘happy slapping’ antics that some the youth of today tend to get up to for their ‘fun’.

  9. One Eyed Jack says:

    Looks staged.

  10. Roz says:

    Hilarious 🙂

  11. ladymac says:

    cruel,not at all funny given duration.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hilarious with the sound off

  13. Chris Gladis says:

    Annoying and juvenile, really.

  14. Paul Durrant says:

    I found the idea of the never-ending shampoo amusing, but this implementation seemed cruel.

    One test I can think to apply to try to distinguish between funny and cruel: Would the ‘victim’ find the final video amusing or not?

  15. Gary says:

    lol… I love it, the guy doing the prank was in stiches lol, so funny 🙂

  16. Frank says:


  17. Judy Olsen says:

    Really quite nasty. I suspect the younger lad has some kind of SpLD that is preventing him from grasping the situation. I think it’s significant we’re not shown his reaction at the end. If it was genuinely funny and kindly meant, he would laugh. If he cried or was upset that would make the perpetrator look like the bully he is, so the video cuts out.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Funny, not doing anyone any harm!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Funny,a harmless prank.

  20. It’s funny, unless the guy being ‘shampood’ is mentally slow and they’re taking advantage of the fact. Then it’s cruel.

  21. peter says:

    Not cruel or particularly funny IMO

  22. Eddie says:

    Come on Richard. Let’s have a decent puzzle tomorrow with no ambiguities!

  23. Greg23 says:

    Funny but it went on a little too long.

  24. Judy Olsen says:

    Just to clarify, SpLDs are things like dyslexia and dyspraxia which can be accompanied by sensory processing differences eg a person may not feel the cold, they may hate certain tastes and textures, they may find it hard to locate themselves in relation to objects and other people. I wasn’t offering a diagnosis, just a possible reason why not noticing what was happening doesn’t mean the person was slow or stupid in any way. It’s about the way different individuals process external information. Now excuse me while I knock over this cup of coffee and bash my shins on the table. Does this biscuit taste funny to you?

  25. JohnLoony says:

    Neither. It’s pointless. There is no point in doing a practical joke on someone when there is no pay-off, or reveal, at the end. The person being pranked is clearly unaware of what is happening, so in a way, it negates the prank.

  26. Gail Hatton says:

    hee hee hee I liked it, like the kind of thing I find funny, and will do next time im swimming lol…thanks for the idea

  27. Alan Wilson says:

    Practical jokes are always cruel.

  28. ChumbleSpuzz says:

    Since nobody is asking the obvious question here, I guess I will.

    Who takes a shower in their shorts?! Seriously. Staged for youtube, obviously.

  29. edwardv says:

    It seems staged. The shorts, grabbing the shower head, not turning around and not figuring it out for so long, the words and overreactions sound like he’s acting it out. If it’s not staged, it could be cruel if the kid is being made fun of. I would have liked to have seen a friendly resolution at the end.

  30. Henry says:

    Funny. Also deserves a smack.

  31. Anonymous says:

    To people saying that he wouldn’t be wearing shorts if it was real. This could be a public shower at a swimming pool or something. There are lots of public showers where people would not completely undress, and just wash their hair to get chlorine out.

  32. Well, it is funny, we used to do it in the showers after Rugby all the time, BUT this is staged and it was the theme of a hugely successful WKD advert – this video is a bit weak and I am wondering when we get a proper post?

    For those talking about this being cruel if he is mentally slow – I feel that is a little bigoted – are jokes which are designed to confuse only suitable for a certain IQ level? Is it forbidden to be friends and have a laugh with someone who has a learning or development issue?

  33. Anonymous says:

    It was funny because he didn’t get hurt but I think they dragged it on too long. He was getting really frustrated and upset at the end-they should have stopped it before that point.

  34. Mike says:

    It is funny, but after some time gets a bit cruel. I would say- funny 8 out of 10, cruel 2 out of 10.

  35. Very funny says:

    I think its very funny but i think impossible

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