Ian Rowland kindly brought my attention to this amazingly realistic drawing of a torn up playing card….

Can you spot the difference at the end?


  1. It would have been much better if it had started at the end, with a still close-up of both next to each other. It sort-of spoils it if we know in advance what the end result will be.

    1. Yeah, it seems pretty obvious which one is real, so it would have been interesting to simply be presented with each, side by side and complete, without knowing, to see if it’s still as obvious that way.

  2. An excellent copy. The only thing I can fault is overlooking some of the reflected light onto the background from lifted corners. Other than that, the attention to detail is impressive.

  3. the differences i see are the small clubs are not as defined as the original and the lines on the breast on the drawing are not corners, they seem to be “overlapped”. But i would not able to spot them if i was not looking for them. I would have believed both were torn cards.

  4. Very cool! The only differences I see that are worth mentioning are that the eye on the top right is open wider and the ball in the top left quadrant has different yellow markings. Amazing!

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