Here is the this weeks puzzle.  As ever, please do NOT post your answers, but do say if you think you have solved the puzzle and how long it took. Solution on Monday.

Yesterday I met a man called Bill.  Bill said ‘I always lie’.  Was Bill lying or telling the truth?

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    1. Agree, an easy one The mistake is to assume that Bill is either a complete liar or a total truth teller. He could be a bit of both?

  1. It’s a paradox.
    If he’s telling the truth them he would be lying, if he was lying then he would be telling the truth.

    1. The best thing to do with a paradox is to cook them low and slow, then finish them off with a nice wine sauce.

  2. I was hoping it would help to pass my train journey, but less than a minute. Don’t see the ambiguity myself though.

    1. I think that Roland is suggesting that if you use a phrase like “A or B” you may not be putting forward all possibilities. For example “Is this car blue or red?” does not admit that the car may be green, black etc.
      I can’t see any ambiguity in this week’squeation however.

    2. It could be ambiguous, because not everything you say has to be either a lie or ‘the truth’. You might believe it’s the truth, but you might be mistaken. (PS. Not a spoiler, because this isn’t actually my answer!)

    1. This is not philosophical discussion. (However there is a single untold extra constraint that would make it look like a philosophical discussion, (but still would have a correct answer…)

  3. Usually I need a life for resolving the puzzles and this came in about half a second… that makes me think that something is wrong with my answer….. let’s see on Monday, have a nice week-end.

  4. On the ambiguity question, Roland DOES strictly speaking have a point, although I doubt that that’s the crux of this week’s puzzle. What he’s getting at can be demonstrated analogously by the question: “Have you consumed any food or drink?” For which legitimate answers could include, “yes, some food”, “yes, some drink” or just “yes” meaning either that you’ve had food AND drink or that you have had one or the other, you’re just not specifying which. As I say, because this is unlikely to be the crux of the question, I don’t consider this to be spoiler. As to the question and how quickly I got it, if I’m right, in about 15 seconds.

    1. OK
      So the ambiguity is when Richard say “or” does he mean “either or” or “one or both of”?

      PS Sorry if my third “or”
      above is too ambiguous for you

  5. Thought it was hard, then it turned out to be easy, then read the comments and was thankful I figured it out first. A lot of you are essentially giving it away. I’m sure a lot of people won’t see the give away either, but it’s pretty spoilerific.

  6. I solved the puzzle in less time than it takes me to yawn.
    I’m now going to look at pictures of naked people on the Internet – in the “public interest” of course.

  7. Um, “the this weeks puzzle”?

    Anyway, I can’t stand this type of puzzle. It just doesn’t sit well with me. I guess I better lie down and get over it.

  8. Thanks for another delightful little puzzle, Richard 🙂 The answer came straight away, whilst reading it, but it’s still a clever one, so thanks again and have an excellent weekend 😀

  9. This one was easy. I think the puzzles are easier when Richard gives us two possible answers and we just have to try each one.

  10. Thought my answer (in a few seconds) was too simplistic, but most of the comments seem to be alluding to the same…

  11. Less than a minute to come up with an answer. Not sure if it is correct because personally I wouldn’t trust either of them ! Bill’s not even his real says William on his birth cert.

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