Those nice folk at Interviews With Comedians recently chatted with me at the Edinburgh Fringe.  I spoke about my hatred of shortbread fingers, experimenting with puppies, and bitchy magicians.

I hope that you enjoy it!


  1. Bored during the talk and was looking at the background. Thought the microphone was a coffee kettle! The jugglers and the rope walking fella entertained me!

  2. Perhaps I am the one person laughing; I thought this interview was quite funny. It’s a good representation of the British wit and sarcasm I find hysterical. Richard, you are so funny and interesting. Thanks for inviting me/us to the picnic.

  3. I have tried to unsubscribe from this page on a n umber of occasions. It appears to be an impossib ility. i am now fed up to the back teeth of receiving emails I don’t want. if I receive any more you will be reported for harrassment.

  4. Excellent interview, Richard. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Good interviewer and good interviewee: nice and relaxed and informative. Must admit, friends I’ve known who were magicians were always a decent bunch and the bitchiness was kept to a minimum (well, more or less) 😉 Thanks for such a delightful interview; and how on earth did you manage to arrange it on a day when the sun was shining? 😀

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