I am fascinated by videos that cause people to have strange experiences.  @Roxmo sent me this – I dare you to watch it without your legs turning to jelly…

What effect did it have on you?


    1. Yeah, indeed! It was on the ground if you watch the video carefully at time when you, even I was, were being most distracted!

    2. There are numerous shots that show the height better, but the still shown prior to play is one of the best cleavage shots in the video.

      I find the fact that a cleavage shot was chosen for the still to be the most interesting than the vertigo aspect. Heights never bother me.

  1. As my father in law says, people under 25 can’t conceive of their own mortality, and that’s what allows them to pull stunts like this.

  2. Didn’t faze me RT aren’t going to show a POV video of some woman falling hundreds of feet to her death, and what do you know? They didn’t.

  3. Overall tolerable, no jelly-legs or anything. Cleavage is distracting and something i can do without in that kind of video )

  4. My legs didn’t turn to jelly, but rather to steel rods. I barely dared to move, blink or breathe for the duration of this video. I tried to distract myself by looking at her cleavage (hell, I desperately wanted to), but the long way down proved too strong an adversary in my case. Then again, I usually get a little bit of vertigo just by standing on something higher that a couple of stair steps.

  5. Lots of videos on youtube of (mostly) Russians doing crazy height stunts, all of them make me feel tingling sensations in my legs and chest.
    Strange experience of perceived risk.

    1. Men watching this video staring on their tits, women watching this video looking on their shoes and clothes…

  6. had to watch to the end to find out how they know she’s blonde.

    I was slightly worried about the cracks in the concrete as a stonemason recently told us that our window sill (similar cracks) is about to fall on someone’s head, but no jelly legs. All those recent dreams of flying seem to have cured me of my vertigo.

  7. Wow, impressive and scary (especially with those cracks in the masonry!). It’s funny: if that had been a video of someone walking along a line painted on the ground, it’d be nothing impressive. Add that vertiginous perspective and, wow, I certainly admire her courage!

  8. Didn’t bother me at all. There is a mountain trail video that is MUCH scarier. What I did feel was annoyance at being bleeped at. If you have to treat us like children, lose the beeps and just cut the unauthorized words and include the statement “Language censored to protect someone else’s childish sensibilities.”

  9. Nice cleavage.

    I was rather leery of the decaying cement of the parapet. Would cry if such a curvy lady were to loose her footing and die. From that height, not even her airbags would save her.

  10. Well that’s something I might have done so it really didn’t have an effect on me. It’s just like normal walking, just if you trip you fall to your death.

  11. Well that’s something I might have done so it really didn’t have an effect on me. It’s just like normal walking, just if you trip you fall to your death.

  12. The fact that the video exists at all, and is available to watch on Youtube, obviously means that we knew from the start that she didn’t fall. Even so, I forced myself to watch to the end, and a little bit of me was hoping that somehow she would fall, just for the sake of being punishment for being so stupid and reckless.

  13. I think it may look a little more scary than it is. Because of the extreme wide-angle camera lens, the width of the beam (?) that she’s walking on looks about 8 inches wide, but it must be about 20 inches wide, considering the size of her feet (roughly 3 inches wide), which the lens makes appear tiny.

    I’m not saying I’d try it…

  14. Two reactions: (1) I couldn’t wait for it to end with her in a safe place, (2) I kept wondering why her statements were constantly being “bleeped.” To shield her identity? Or those of others? Or the identity of her location?

  15. It made my palms sweat- and I’m a skydiver! I think the cracked, somewhat crumbly condition of the “walkway” (which was probably never designed to support people in the first place) made it seem even more precarious. No WAY would I do that.

  16. Even the thought that there might be another cleavage shot couldn’t encourage me to watch beyond 20 seconds. Sorry – too scared of heights to watch it!

  17. I admit I could not watch right to the end. I get a strange tingling in my feet, as I do when faced with real hights. My fear is clear – what if she/I falls?

  18. Try Youtubing “El Camino Del Rey” if you want to experience sweaty palms and shallow breathing.

    Oh sod it, I did it for you. It’s here:

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