Can you trust your eyes?


@jbrownridge sent me this wonderful illusion – believe it or not this image contain two completely separate loops…..

Did it fool you?


20 comments on “Can you trust your eyes?

  1. pahosler says:

    you mean I am supposed to see something other than two loops, fruit loops maybe? I can only see two separate loops. Of course they have that funny moving pattern.

  2. sjmann says:

    The illusion is actually that the 2 loops are both perfect circles, despite how they appear to the eye.

  3. Dave Rees says:

    Not for a moment . I saw 2 separate rings immediately . Something wrong with me????

  4. Alex says:

    The illusion here is that they are perfect circles, but the pattern makes them look warped. I don’t think they appear as two entwined loops though, still separate…

  5. Rafael Nunes says:

    I just saw a little blurring, i don’t know… It doesn’t work with me.

  6. Patrick Walsh says:

    Clearly two separate loops to me – but they do not look like circles – more square.

  7. Ian says:

    Thanks for this one, Richard πŸ™‚ It’d be interesting to see what they look like when moving. They definitely and clearly look like two separate loops, although the illusion does make them look warped and twisted, almost squared in places, so that element of the illusion works really well πŸ™‚

  8. lol, I get high when I roll my eyes looking at it! lol

  9. AION says:

    […] See on […]

  10. Jelhel says:

    Well this one makes me nicely dizzy! Yep, even though I know it’s two separate circles, it definitely looks like a spiral too.

  11. Donall Quinn says:

    V. Good. It would orobably have fooled me if I hadn’t read the text first.

  12. Duncan says:

    I believe it’s two sparate loops – can’t see it as anything else!

  13. Tony says:

    I briefly saw the loops as a spiral before I read the text, they don’t appear as perfect circles though

  14. Fable Fox says:

    Yeah, it two separate circle.

  15. Gail Hatton says:

    obvious it was two seperate hoops, my eyes dont fool me lol

  16. Deja says:

    Yup I read the text first so it kind of cheated me out of the experience.

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