Impossible helicopter


Chris M sent me this great video of a helicopter ……



16 comments on “Impossible helicopter

  1. Merari says:

    Is it that easy to adjust the frames per second on cameras nowadays?

  2. Harold Baize says:

    So the camera frame rate and rotations per second of the blades were very well matched.

  3. little chap says:

    the title says all : “helicopter synced rotor blades with video camera”

  4. Quique says:

    I agree all the synced cam comment, but furthermore it has to be a high speed cam.

  5. NK says:

    It’s perhaps more likely than it looks, because the frame rate doesn’t need to be in sync with exactly one rotation period. It would suffice if it was close to ANY multiple of one fifth of the period.
    (But the shutter speed has to be pretty fast to avoid blurring)

  6. Eamon says:

    Great clip. Heli rotors spin at around 300rpm, give or take about 100 depending on the particular aircraft. Most modern heli’s have very accurate automatic control of rotor rpm so the rpm on this Hind Gunship is very steady. As NK says above, since there are 5 rotor blades the camera frame rate only needs to match one of a number of critical frame rates to give this effect. Even so, it is still the best example I’ve seen of this phenomenon.

  7. AndyD says:

    Frame rate sync with large rotor, not with tail rotor… seemplesh…

  8. Martha says:

    Obviously it’s magic. Meh

  9. Mark Smith says:

    Love that lazy tail rotor.

  10. Duncan says:

    Great example of a simple idea executed well. Love it!

  11. lindamp says:


  12. Greg23 says:

    Just think how noisy it would be if the rotor was spinning! 😉

  13. Michael Sternberg says:

    Nice. Seems like the pilot was in on the
    attempt, what with the otherwise random movements of the ‘copter.

  14. The overhead blades are just there for balance. The entire thing is lifted by gravity repulsion tech developed from the crashed saucers found at Area 51. Next step is to figure out how to quiet the grav repulsers..

    • Lazy T says:

      No, this one is actually a transcendental ‘copter, the crew all sit in the lotus position, meditate and off they go.

  15. Dharmaruci says:

    i am confused how the camera could be spinning so fast and it not look like the whole copter is spinning. even if the camera is on a fast gimbol to freeze the wings, surely the reast of the vehicle would be seen to spin much faster?

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