Yesterday @Letitia_Potorac sent me this unusual video….

Do you think it is cruel or funny?  I wondered if there might be a difference in how men and women view the video, so vote now and let’s find out….


    1. Yes, until we have an option for both I think you’ll get no response or an incomplete response from many people. And I’m guessing most of those will be men, but we won’t know without that option. I didn’t vote.

    1. Let’s not forget dreadful, abhorrent, revolting, awful, contemptible, abominable, hateful, disgusting, and loathsome.

      Per my husband, the guy’s an idiot, foolish, reckless, and stupid.

  1. yeah, making you think, you, your child and your loved one are about to die is SUPER funny. I’d be considering divorce.

  2. Doesn’t the answer simply depend on whether the target appreciates being pranked? Knowing that, all else follows (including the form of punishment).

  3. Why is she married to such a dick? Hopefully, as soon as they pulled over, she punched him as a valuable life-lesson for the kids.

  4. I found it funny. If I were on the receiving end, I would have been angry like her at first followed by seeing the funny side. I wouldn’t have played that trick on my wife though – balls would have been lost. It’s healthy to be scared once in a while (which includes fear of losing ones balls from reprisal)

  5. Waking someone from a sound sleep to frighten them usually proves to be a successful prank- but recording video in the car, while driving, with you kids with you is not cool.

  6. It’s neither in my view, because to me it looks fake. She was in on the joke. Her reaction is stereotypical and the camera seems reluctant to show her face. The prank is actually on the viewer who thinks this was a real prank!

    1. Exactly the opposite, I would think. It further cements his position as the protector and commander while conditioning her to act as the supplicant in need of protection. This is conducive to a strengthening of bonds and results in a need for her to prove her worthyness.

  7. I would say it’s idiotically dangerous to be recording a video and handling a video camera at the same time as driving on a busy highway. It’s hardly conducive to road safety.

  8. lol………….. I do that with my Helen, usually massive plastic spiders on her pillow then shout…….. so funny 🙂

  9. I watched it 5 or 6 times and laughed harder each time.

    Maybe there are people that think recording while driving is “dangerous” but if you can walk and chew gum at the same time it would not be THAT risky… sheesh.

    1. You laughed harder each time you saw it?? Sheesh. Assume you are not one of those people that can walk and chew gum at the same time.

  10. Answering the poll wasn’t enough. Not funny. Very cruel and even more cruel considing he would do something like to not just a loved one, but to his wife. “I’m sorry, it was funny,” he whined at the end. I’m sorry, but he’s a prick.

  11. A joke is a joke, but this is not a joke. It’s clearly cruel, thoughtless and abusive and most certainly not funny at all.

  12. The prank itself is more funny than cruel, but the way it was done also makes it recklessly irresponsible and dangerous. He’s messing with a video camera on a highway. Besides, what if the wife had reacted by lunging at the wheel to dodge the truck?

  13. Not funny at all. Stupid, reckless and dangerous. My husband and I like to prank each other, but never in a way like this that would make one of us feel like our lives were in danger.

  14. I would imagine it depends on your relationship. There are those I would have pulled this prank on and would have had this prank pulled on me, and it would have been fine. Others, it would have been a no-go. But, for me, alone, having it done to me, I’d have laughed after the initial freak-out.

  15. I went for funny. I don’t like the recording-whilst-driving part, but that wasn’t the question. It’s too brief to be cruel, in my opinion — a cruel prank would be one in which fear is allowed to linger, not one that is already over by the time your senses are fully functional.

    On the other hand, if she really needed that sleep, that might tip the balance into cruel. But for reasons unrelated to the prank itself.

  16. I think my favorite responses are those saying “funny and cruel”. I had kind of the opposite response. I thought it was a little cruel, though not heinous, but cruelty aside, simply wasn’t the least bit funny.

  17. I find the scene by itself quite funny, but, I’d say the driver’s intentions plays a role here:
    If he knew she would be scared, it was cruel on his part anyway.

  18. He’s not reckless, as someone else posted. They were safe.

    But he is indeed an arsehole.
    The visual effect of the truck is a minimal factor when screaming ‘we’re gonna die’ at your sleeping wife in a car with her/your children in the back of that car.

  19. The driver is an adolescent idiot with no sense of the consequences of his actions. Question: What if wife (?) in an act of pure survivalism, grabbed the steerling wheel and drove off a cliff, or ran into another vehicle, or …

  20. Looks like a setup to me, as in she was in on it. Otherwise it was funny, and hopefully I can get my wife sometime in the future

  21. I found it funny (man). I wouldn’t have liked being on the receiving end and probably wound’ve given a similar reaction, but I have no doubt I would be able to look back and laugh at the event later.

  22. I’m a female and find this hilarious. All the other women with these serious comments need to be considering divorce because it’s not that serious. A JOKE is a JOKE.

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