Any ideas……..


  1. Yup. The guy is wearing two colour basketball shorts. Due to the way the fabric has fallen it appears as though the centre colour of his shorts becomes the shorts of the person behind (who actually appears to be wearing a dark skirt)

  2. Oh! Interesting. I took me a minute, but you can see that the closer person to the camera has shorts with white in the middle. It LOOKS as if his legs are open and you’re seeing the farther person’s white pants, but it’s actually all the closer person’s shorts.
    That was clever.

  3. Hold your finger over her leges and it becomes clear that you are looking at the back of his shorts, not the front of hers.

  4. Blow it up and you can see the stitching on the bottom hem of his shorts continues from the blue part to the white part.

  5. There’s only one pair of shorts visible, and it’s black&white. Plus there’s a bit of black fabric on the left which might be a skirt, not a continuation of the black&white shorts. There’s a black male in the front, and a white female in the rear (I’d bayesianly guesstimate a 98% chance that the white person in the rear is female, judging by the shape of the arms, height, hair, what little can be seen of the face, etc)

  6. Ah, ’tis simple. The memory of their moment together is already beginning to fade in her mind. Soon he will be nothing but a smile on her lips…

  7. the girl wear such a dark skirt bt the man wear tht short with white color in the middle and black on both side h3 h3 h3

  8. Easy. He has two tone 3/4 length shorts on (blue and white) she has a skirt on so you only see her legs below his shorts. Simple.

  9. It’s a photo of a white woman hugging a black guy who’s wearing dark, long shorts. The white parts over his shorts are the sleeves of a light windbreaker type jacket or shirt/sweatshirt/sweater which is tucked under the belt of his fanny pack. He’s some guy she met and danced with the night before in Barbados after one too many Pina Coladas. Now she’s wondering how to get out of this awkward moment and is hoping her girlfriends aren’t taking any pictures with their iPhones.

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