The world championships of magic (known as ‘FISM’) have just been held in Blackpool.  The overall winner of in the stage category went to the amazing Yu Ho Jin.  Take 6 minutes out of your day and watch the finest manipulative magic I have ever seen….

Like it?


    1. You did see something special. Unfortunately your mind didn’t understand what you witnessed.

      Now quick, go clean the pool. You’re not being paid to sit around watching videos on the internet. And I want it CLEAN this time boy!

  1. Yeah, not bad. I’ve seen better though.

    I’d hate to be the person who has to clean the stage after an act like that.

    1. Ha. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, as a professional magician myself, I can tell you for a start you most certainly haven’t seen anything better, some of the manipulations in that act have never been seen before.

      I suppose the only people who can really appreciate things are those who really understand the technicalities behind them.

      So anyway, how did the world hotdog eating contest go this year? I’m riveted to know…

  2. I think you have to be there to really appreciate something like this. Seeing it on video did not make me especially thrilled, but, by looking at the amazed and happy faces in the public, I can understand how marvelous an experience it was to be there and watch the performance.

  3. I agree with some earlier posts, my attention span isn’t what it used to be and I wandered off half way through.
    I was reminded of the hilarity of schoolfriends freaking out busdrivers by manipulation of the buspass, so I also agree with atom.

  4. I found it absolutely wonderful. I understand atom’s today’s age of seeing everything imaginable on you-tube, etc., this may not stand out. But I was imagining watching him live, and I thought it was great. Not only the magic, but the precision and grace.

  5. I think the intended audience was other magicians. I can appreciate the grace and precision, but I don’t know enough to be impressed by the difficulty and found it pretty boring.

  6. I can’t believe some of the comments here!
    I was impressed and I have absolutely no magical skills at all. My tricks to pass Singapore coins as Australian ones get picked every single time.

    Apparantly what people want nowadays, is someone rolling down a steep hill in a shopping trolley.

  7. He’s definitely talented, to be able to string that many sleight of hand tricks into a single routine is a lot of hard work. I just wish it was a higher quality video. I’ve been trying to train myself to learn to spot the misdirections, palms, and hand-offs of this type of magic and it’s not easy on low quality video.

  8. I thought “that’s why magicians wear tailcoats”! Brilliant though.

    When his torn half of the card turned to smoke I laughed out loud. It was a lovely end to the act to put the scarf back on.

  9. I had a feeling he would end it with putting the scarf back on. It was a very nice touch and a fitting end to the act.

    And the act itself was great. Tremendous skills.

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