Win a free signed copy of Rip It Up


Today sees the publication of my new book, Rip It Up.

The book describes how small changes in your behaviour have a surprisingly large effect on how you think and feel. It is against positive thinking and instead promotes a new concept that I have called ‘positive action’. The book is grounded in science, and reviews decades of research into a concept known as ’embodied cognition’.

To celebrate the launch I thought it would be fun to hold a caption contest. The starting point for the book is a famous quote by the Victorian philosopher William James “You do not run from a bear because you are afraid of it, but rather become afraid of the bear because you run from it’.

So, here is a bear-based caption competition……take a look at this photograph:

Now feel free to post a caption. I will take a look at all the comments this time tomorrow, pick my favourite, and send a free signed copy of Rip It Up to the winner.

Don’t hold back – post your captions now!

Oh, and here is a little video explaining why the book is called Rip It Up


341 comments on “Win a free signed copy of Rip It Up

  1. -M- says:

    “Ik heb beretrek!”

  2. Anonymous says:

    You forgot the picnic hamper….surely you must be joking…

  3. cfssufferer says:

    Yogi Bear fails to understand a ‘bench press.’

  4. Paul says:

    This is not what I meant when I sent you the text, “BYOB.”

  5. Matthew Holbrook says:

    Yum, I’ve finished the tasty psychologist. What’s for afters?

  6. David Rowyn says:

    “Listen, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.”

  7. Tom Denton says:

    “Yes, as it happens, I am Catholic.”

  8. Dammit, she said three o’clock didn’t she?

  9. poojycat says:

    “Now… calm down and let’s have a nice talk, hmm?”

  10. Murali says:

    I cant bear this waiting anymore

  11. ” I heard the porridge here was…grrrrrreat !! “

  12. John says:

    Grizzly man, we gotta talk

  13. Dominic Twose says:

    “I’d leave it five minutes if I were you.”

  14. Kendal Lavery says:

    Pick a card, any card.

  15. Rich Pohler says:

    You don’t speed-date a bear because you’re horny, you’re horny because you’ve been speed-dating a bear.

  16. Carl Titman says:

    Could you get us a packet of crisps aswell, Ta.

  17. Simon says:

    Afraid of me because you run from me eh? Shall we put that to a test?

  18. dcmonk79 says:

    Hands up if you saw the man in a Gorilla Suit walking behind the bear….

  19. Adam humphrey says:

    Does a bear sip in the woods?

  20. Chris Martin says:

    Oi! – Where’s my porridge?

  21. XRayA4T says:

    So could you please explain the importance of the Higgs Boson in words I can understand?

  22. gomezzephyr says:

    The age of austerity meant slim pickings for Yogi

  23. Alban says:

    “Want to do a staring contest?”

  24. gomezzephyr says:

    I admit I am a bit grizzly before my morning cuppa

  25. Bear-y Manilow always made time to pose for the paparazzi…

  26. Today’s the day the Teddy Bears have their picnic.

  27. Paul says:

    I love bear-b-q’s

  28. Deb Telfer says:

    “I’m clearly acting like a bear expecting a picnic so could we put the camera away now and crack open a beer?”

  29. Campbell Hunter says:

    No you idiot, the sign says “BEER” garden!!!

  30. Msyoyo says:

    Hey¡¡ Come on , play with me…

  31. Brayden says:

    “Someone mentioned a pic-in-ic?”

  32. Jim says:

    BooBoo remembering the good times after Yogi’s wake

  33. Martin B says:

    Maurice, you’re hallucinating again.

  34. Mark Petty says:

    Cmon Mowgli, how many times do I have to tell you!!! I’m a grizzly NOT a Teddy!!

  35. Graeme King says:

    Caption entry:
    ‘Chicken drumsticks? No’ I didn’t see any chicken drumsticks.’

  36. Yogi would defend to the end his right to bear arms

  37. Finished invisible house, need coffee now.

  38. Lou says:

    I’ve been expecting you…

  39. Freak japanese people. They don’t get the quiet normal “beer” idea? 

    God! I hope I don’t blink this time. Posting it on facebook!

  40. Louise says:

    Hello Professor Wiseman, I’m here for my appointment. I’d like to learn how to change my bear-haviour…..

  41. Malky says:

    Service is terrible here!

  42. Charmi Doshi says:

    Caption entry:
    “You forgot the picnic hampers..!!!”

  43. Kat says:

    William James? He was here, but he ran off…….

  44. Charm says:

    Come on….
    Lets hit BEER…!!!

  45. kirsty says:

    If I act like i’m full, will I stop feeling hungry?

  46. Craig Arnold says:

    Jodi was not allowed to sit at the popular bears’ table.

  47. Julia says:

    Slow service at the Hungry Bear leaves customers disappointed.

  48. Barry, acting “As If”, assumes a docile pose… he no longer chews hikers, but rather, eschews them.

  49. Richard Travers says:

    “Was it something I said?”

  50. Seraph says:

    Are you guys done? This costume is hot as hell!

  51. Manisha says:

    Enjoying ma picnic….!!!

  52. Tommy Bell says:

    Patient Bear
    will be ready when you are.

  53. Tori Bos says:

    What are you staring at? Sit down already I want to eat!

  54. Lindsay says:

    Where’s my copy of Richard’s book? I’d like to rip it up.

  55. spikey says:

    Ok – either you run, or we arm wrestle – your choice…..

  56. Astrit Sylaj says:

    “By Richards Book”

  57. Tommy Bell says:

    Picnic bear
    Enjoys anthropomorphism.

  58. Grenangle says:

    If the pizzas not here in 5 minutes I’m eating you!

  59. koos says:

    So … if I sit here … look seriously … I can become a professor like you? … arghhhh RIP IT UP man!

  60. Fiona says:

    I do not make people run from me because I dislike them, but rather I dislike them because they run from me… #foreveralone

  61. Stephen says:

    “No rubbish to go through today? That’s fine, I’ll wait…”

  62. lou says:

    Don’t sit down mate! The service around here is terrible!

  63. Trust me, I can do card tricks too, have a seat.

  64. Marià Cerqueda says:

    This bear is difficult to bear

  65. Polly says:

    “Pie? Did you bring pie? Tell me you brought pie.”

  66. NickC says:

    At the dyslexic naturist picnic being bear naked was optional

  67. Katryn says:

    “Mr & Mrs Locks, the case against your daughter Goldi is very serious. If you will take a seat we can begin the negotiations for her release”

  68. Martin says:

    The other bears may sit in the woods, I’d like to think I’ve moved on from that.

  69. Malte says:

    I will eat you! Let’s pray!

  70. Neil says:

    I admit it, I killed Mr Joseph Wheeler

  71. Thanks mum, this suit always finds me a table!

  72. Elvis56 says:

    Did you see the team in white making 13 passes?

  73. AndKihl says:

    So… you come here often?

  74. Cheryl says:

    Please, sit down and join me. I’ve brought along some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

  75. Hello, George. I’ve been expecting you….

  76. Cheryl says:

    OK, I’m gonna shut my eyes and count to 10. When I open them I expect the porridge will be back on the table and we’ll say no more about it, OK?. One…

  77. Cheryl says:

    “Honey, get the gripe water. The baby’s a little grizzly.”

  78. Anonymous says:

    No officer, the sign is quite specific, Dogs must be kept on a lead.

  79. scoggy says:

    If you’re heading for the woods, I’d give it five minutes.

  80. niel says:

    “I did not buy this bear a beer because I was afraid of it, but rather because I knew I would become afraid of it if I did not buy it a beer.”

  81. Anonymous says:

    The Brown family came to regret suggesting that Paddington spent some time at the retreat getting in touch with his ‘inner bear’

  82. scoggy says:

    Come on, it’s just a game of slapsies.

  83. Jason says:

    Post hoc ergo propter hoc!

  84. Jason says:

    Is it ‘cos I is black?

  85. DiscoveredJoys says:

    He might be a member of the Ursus americanus altifrontalis, but he still thought of himself as ‘Brian’.

  86. Thummim says:

    ‘I don’t wanna be a bear… gotta try a new strategy… maybe this will work’

  87. Kim says:

    You do not dine with a bear because you are it’s friend, but rather become a friend because you dine with it… And guees what’s for dinner…!?!

  88. douglast says:

    No I wont take my elbows off the table…. anyway, where is the food?

  89. -M- says:

    The Chinese was great!

  90. Rebecca says:

    “What do you mean, I ‘can’t join’ the Teddy Bears’ picnic?”

  91. vishal says:

    ‘Am I looking angry? This is my smile, folks!’

  92. Care Bear seeking honey pot
    Must like the outdoors, dining, and swimming
    No vegetarians, smokers, or lumberjacks

  93. frasertharby says:

    Best Look Angry – Cookies Now!

    Bear Enjoying A Rest

  94. Adam Huntley says:

    I walked through the middle of a basketball game once and you know what, nobody spotted me

  95. @Tuumaru says:

    …and then she left me. So here I am, without even the bear necessities.

  96. Martin says:

    ‘Don’t forget the honey, Mummy’

  97. Tony says:

    “Ursidae would get fed now?”

  98. Brid says:

    “Monsieur – I will have the lobster and a bottle of your finest Chianti”

  99. Stuart says:

    To understand humans better my psychologist told me to use embodied cognition and repeat the affirmation ‘I only look like a bear’.

  100. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget I’m also just a boy, wanting to be loved….

  101. Murray says:

    The internet – where else would you go to find hard wood and a bear behind?

  102. Jeffrey Braak says:

    You may choose sir. You come sit with me or you run away screaming like a little girl.

  103. Gary says:


  104. Bence says:

    A bear escaped last night from the local zoo refuses to return, he just keeps repeating: “that’s my spot”. They say it has nothing to do with the freshly installed TV nearby his cage, which constantly plays Big Bang Theory.

  105. Julius says:

    “Oh wait… you’re sitting here?”

  106. Mike says:

    So I can either try hard to smile so I feel happy or I can just eat you. What’s it gonna be, punk..

  107. martynhealy says:

    Seriously, I fancy a … … … … … … little muesli and low fat yoghurt for a change.

    Notice the big pause

  108. Steven Blair says:

    I couldn`t bear to have lunch with this guy.

  109. michael says:


  110. Blo0dy says:

    Dibs on Professor Wiseman’s signed new book!

  111. fraac says:

    Bear at table.

  112. Fish Paste says:

    Just run that by me again… I’m useful how exactly in traditional Chinese medicine?

  113. “Yes, I AM wearing pants.

  114. Grant Robson says:

    Come on, sit down and join me I bear no grudges

  115. Ian wood says:

    The next bastard that calls me Yogi!

  116. Tom says:

    Sit, smile, see – it’s not difficult to make a difference, friend?

  117. David Ellis says:

    What a day at the office – you would not bearlieve it, it was absolutely unbearable!….why are you looking at me like that, do I have something stuck in my teeth?

  118. I would like to talk to you humans about moving onto my territory.

  119. You think I don’t look much like a teddy bear? Well, this doesn’t look much like a picnic.

  120. sweeta says:

    “Yes, it’s true. Bears do indeed sit in the woods.”

  121. Graeme Watt says:

    THEY swiped MY picnic basket? WTF,

  122. “One word, Benjamin. Plastics.”

  123. Houston says:

    That Chinese man tried to cook my paws just like so!

  124. I’m only grizzly till I’ve had my coffee

  125. helen york says:

    It’s nice to see you’re not running from me. Now what happens next?

  126. Not quite the ‘surprise’ I was expecting… but then again, nobody expects the Spanish Bearquisition! (,521979746)

  127. Anonymous says:

    Do you really expect me to eat that?

  128. Jolly says:

    *sigh* William James is late again.

  129. Jenifer says:

    No, water from the stream is not homeopathic salmon.

  130. lasaro says:

    Scary poker face.

  131. lasaro says:

    You know you can’t outrun me, so let’s be civilized. Come and sit at the table.

  132. oddbodd13 says:

    It was a true Kodiak Moment…

  133. Rebecca says:

    The bear does not want to eat you because you smell tasty, but rather you smell tasty because the bear wants to eat you.

  134. Simon F says:

    My psychologist told me, ‘if you want to be a man, you’d better start acting like one’.

  135. Pierre G says:

    Dude, sit down, I’ve got something to confess…

  136. bert says:

    the sight of a bare table is unbearable to a bear!

  137. Melissa Ward says:

    No, I’m Bear ‘n’ Brown, but I’ll keep an eye out for this illusionist.

  138. Chuck Kostka says:

    You’d better have some Leinie’s Honey Weiss in that cooler.

  139. Cary Glenn says:

    Christopher Robin! Did you bring any honey?

  140. Wim Hellinck says:

    Bear with me.

  141. dualcoresteve says:

    Who’s deal is it?

  142. Kelly Smith says:

    Do you have the right to bear arms? Are you koala-fied?!

  143. sarikha says:

    uh… can I get a pizza?

  144. Anna says:

    You’re fired.

  145. Derek says:

    Unless I get some bloody service soon I’ll not be comming here again!

  146. Enno Blanke says:

    Ceci n’es pas un ours

  147. djryan says:

    “I say old bean, isn’t this weather just un-bear-ably hot?”

  148. Martin Mann says:

    No sugar, thank you – I prefer honey

  149. “Walden isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.”

  150. Ivan R. says:

    Free to good home, 1 picnic table with bench seats in excellent condition. Available for pick up only.

  151. Waiting for this new book of Richard Wiseman really becomes unbearable.

  152. Micha says:

    “” The boss sent me to discuss the raise that, and I quote, you want so badly you’d kill a bear with your bare hands for it. “” 🙂

  153. Don’t anthropomophize me, I HATE that.

  154. asgardclone says:

    A reminder: “Rip It Up” refers to the book, not the reader.

  155. miarender says:

    My brother Pooh, despite being of very litte brain, always found the most peacful spot for lunch.

  156. After the Rip It Up was my eating it a step too far?

  157. Daanando says:

    “Grizzly weather we’re having today.”

  158. Tim says:

    Hey ladies! Want to see why they call me the Big Dipper?!

  159. Ingy says:

    “Yes I do palm readings. Tell me, what’s Ur-sine?”

  160. Jan Eerdekens says:

    Sit down and I’ll eat your palm, ah sorry, READ your palm.

  161. Alan Jewell says:

    Listen, I was doing that stuff long before ‘Bear’ Grylls. But do I have a TV series? Do I have a big house and fancy car? That’s all I’m saying…

  162. Rhys Kendall says:

    “barely picnic weather” or “does a bear sit in the woods?”

  163. Sean Slater says:

    I said take the gun and LEAVE the cannoli!

  164. Chris Hemmens says:

    “If my Caesar salad doesn’t get here in 5 minutes I swear I’m going to maul someone.”

  165. Patrick Horne says:

    You’ve forgotten the knives and forks again!

  166. Cathy says:

    I don’t rate your negotiation chances – he’s sitting on a VERY hard bench.

  167. Sean Slater says:

    Missing Hiker’s Camera Found.

  168. The other Matt says:

    Common, hurry up and take that stupid picture ! Its unbearable HOT in this costume !

  169. Sargey14 says:

    Put the hamper on the floor, step away from the food and no one gets hurt.

  170. JamieDMJ says:

    “Hello, I’m a bear.”

  171. Colin H says:

    “It’s not me you should be afraid of. Yogi and Boo-boo are waiting for you down the trail with a 12 gauge and a chainsaw!”

  172. Mary HM says:

    Grandma, what big hands you have!

  173. Rich says:

    If you go into the woods today…

  174. Chris Hemmens says:

    Mickey Mouse has really let himself go since moving to the woods.

  175. Kev says:

    “I’m into astrology and find it very revealing about a person. I’ll read your horoscope if you take a seat and tell me Ursine” 😀

  176. padainfain says:

    “Cheque please!”

  177. Jon says:

    Bear down (intransitive verb on a bench)

  178. Frankie says:

    A previously unseen photo of Edward Michael Grylls pre-plastic surgery.

  179. Phillip says:

    And Sarah’s card has now got a blue back, not particularly surprising but what is more surprising is all the other cards have got red backs.

  180. Greg says:

    Does a bear sit in woods? No, I sit on a bench!

  181. Ricky says:

    There’s no table service here mate, you have to go up and order.

  182. Damnit, you’re filming, aren’t you?

  183. Andrew says:

    “There’s a bear outside.”
    “Capricorn, I think.”

  184. “Ah Mr Wiseman, we meet at last! Now I will PROVE that bears can read minds. Right now you’re trying to remember if you should lie down and play dead, or climb that tree over there!”

  185. Gary Clarke says:

    Am I a cliche? Is the pope a Catholic!

  186. monkelus says:

    the Daleks couldn’t quite put their plunger on what, but there was definately something different about Davros these days

  187. John says:

    The new Chairman of the Banking Inquiry will be expecting straight answers from witnesses or he’ll rip their head off.

  188. Irnbru2 says:

    “Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you” Elwin Charles “Preacher” Roe.

  189. Andy says:

    No, no. I said BEER garden.

  190. paul says:

    Apparently, it’s called “super glue” and, yes, it works on fur…

  191. Phil H says:

    Now, I know Wiseman said he would meet me here at 2.30pm, but I am not sure whether he ran away because he was afraid or became afraid because he ran away.

  192. David Bloomberg says:

    Hello, Mr. Ranger, sir! Nothing to see here.

  193. Michael Gillard says:

    Jane Bearstein: anthropological fields notes; Day 42. “I have successfully convinced the humans I am one of them. One wonders if success would not have come sooner if not for the unfortunate mauling on day 16.”

  194. Kees Engels says:

    “Son, I am disappoint.”

  195. Suzanne says:

    “So who’s the predictable one now then?”

    “It’s quite likely that my behaviour has been manipulated, no?”

  196. Johan Wibawa says:

    “Do you dare to print me on a piece of paper, then RIP IT UP?”

  197. After “panda”-ring to two groups with “polar”-ised opinions, “teddy” felt rather “grizzly” and was looking forward to a nice “brown” ale and a plate of bacon and “black” pudding.

  198. Melissa Ward says:

    Why don’t you sit down and tell me why you smell a little grizzly.

  199. Jack says:

    Daddy Bear was already waiting for Goldilocks Arrival..

  200. Duncan says:

    Bear with me while I try to think of something funny to say.

  201. Jeff Rutenberg says:

    How long do I have to sit here until you realize I’m serious about lunch!

  202. Dean says:

    How long does a bear have to wait for service around here?!

  203. Kitty says:

    Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but here’s my number so call me maybe?

  204. edwardv says:

    “Come closer and check out my manicure.”

  205. lmiyar says:

    Please sit down. We have serious issues to discuss

  206. Kurt Pankau says:

    Though best known for his environmental work, Smokey The Bear occasionally freelances as a wildlife arbitration consultant.

  207. Kevin Graham says:

    “I hope they’re not having Ranger, I had Ranger for breakfast.”

  208. themyst says:

    If a bear sits at a picnic table in the woods and no one sees him, did he?

  209. themyst says:

    You all this bad service, why when I was at a picnic table in the Rockies, i waited a whole day before a waiter served me.

    • themyst says:

      It was meant to say,

      You all think this is bad service. Why when I was at a picnic table in the Rockies, I waited a whole day before a waiter served me.

  210. Dave says:

    ‘But Richard said that talking about more intimate stuff will make her fall in love with me……’

  211. Dave Nichols says:

    “Bigfoot Confirmed”

  212. @Robbo_a says:

    Does a bear eat in the woods?

  213. themyst says:

    The unBearable likenes of being

  214. Darrick Fauvel says:

    “I hope I’m not being too forward here, but the small changes in your behavior make me want to kiss your face and rip it up at the same time.”

  215. escanyapolls says:

    This bear seems loaded for bear

  216. Niklas says:

    I want you, I need you. But there ain’t no way I’m ever gonna
    have a romantic dinner with you. grr

  217. Eoin says:

    You thinks this is odd, you should see the photographer.

  218. escanyapolls says:

    Have you seen goldilocks?

  219. bobb2412 says:

    Goldilocks was soon to find she’d met her blind date before…

  220. Nigel says:

    Still not found that gorilla.

  221. Here at Ursa Pawmade Tables, we cannot bear to see an empty back yard.

  222. escanyapolls says:

    Loaded for bear

  223. Fiona says:

    When Goldie got there, at table was bear.

  224. escanyapolls says:

    Ursa? Just at nights

  225. Jeremy Gould says:

    This is an awareness test. Count how many picnic tables you see in this photo. The answer is: one. But, did you see the picnicking bear?

  226. Rich Ayton says:

    “You may think it’s easy being me. But when the table is completely ‘bear’, it’s no picnic!”

  227. newenglandbob says:

    “I must watch my body language or they won’t fire up that BBQ grill behind me. “

  228. taerix says:

    I’m listening- bare your soul to me.

  229. A representative of the Union of United Bears waits to discuss issues of workers’ rights.

  230. Fraser Hotchkiss says:

    OK, Bear. First we need proof that Goldilocks is alive – Then we can start talking Honey…

  231. Jordan says:

    “We need to talk. About that book I lent you.”

  232. Joe Jubilado says:

    Does a bear say grace (pray) in the woods?

  233. caroline levine says:

    Here is a caption – “Sweet iced tea and honey cakes? I’d love some.”

    Great picture – thanks

  234. Todd says:

    “OK, Merida. Enough with the funny pictures. Can you just tell me you love me already?”

  235. Not Completely Useless says:

    OK, I’ve washed my hands. See? Now can we have lunch?

  236. Brent Noorda says:

    “Sorry. I thought the sign said: ‘We reserve the right to serve refuse to anyone’. My bad. Still, if I can order off-menu, I’d really love me some refuse… if it’s fresh. I’m not a big tipper, but I give excellent hugs.”

  237. GSchaap says:

    “Please bear with me sir, just one more photo!”

  238. Michael Spears says:

    Where’s the beef!

  239. Niva says:

    It’s the Friday Puzzle! Best case of bear-eidolia ever!

  240. daddypapersurfer says:

    Yep – Davy Crockett sure did kill my great great great great Grandpappy. Not worried. Beginners luck. What’s for tea?

  241. Alan says:

    Hey, where’d everybody go? Something I said?

  242. DiscoveredJoys says:

    “If you go down to the woods today,
    You’re sure of a big surprise….”

  243. Charles Sullivan says:

    Who’s for lunch?

  244. Chris says:

    Honey, I cannot bear to take one more bee on my picnic food. Can we eat somewhere else?

  245. “I always run after you just to explain the importance of education.”

  246. Suddenly you need to dress up as an animal to get some food.

  247. Nelis says:

    Sit down Ilya! Your last name is Bryzgalov, right? The Penguins asked me to talk to you before the next Playoff season.

  248. lexical23 says:

    Bear wood’n’table

  249. Simon York says:

    “Hey, goldilocks, don’t forget… Warm porridge.. And I’m not sharing”

  250. “Why are you surprised? It’s just years of bad publicity.”

    “I may be a beast, but I can’t fight against the protocol.”

    “What would we be without manners?”

    “Don’t we all have our ‘b sides’?”

    “What are you looking at? Haven’t you heard of globalization?”

  251. Tom Hughes says:

    For the bear photo – “Well, Booboo, where is the picnic basket?”

  252. Frankie says:

    Fifty shades of grr had a somewhat limited following…

  253. Melissa Ward says:

    Oh, you’re honey’s gone missing? Snout to do with me….

  254. “Boo boo? I got the table, where’s the basket?”

  255. tomrhoads says:

    And people think I wipe my ass on trees.

  256. Mark says:

    There is no loo roll in the woods. Someone told me that Richard has a page for this in his book. Can you find it quickly, please?

  257. Anonymous says:

    Having perfected the ‘bagsy bear’ we are now looking for franchise opportunities in the sunlounger zone of the Costa del Sol, German tourists beware

  258. Melissa Ward says:

    Greg, your protocol hasn’t exactly been up to scratch lately…

  259. Melissa Ward says:

    Some people these days, they just act like animals, you know?

  260. Melissa Ward says:

    I heard there’s some pretty dangerous animals living in those woods.

  261. Stephen Hupp says:

    The operator says, “Calm down. I can help. First, let’s make sure he’s dead.”
    The bear replies, “Oh, he’s dead alright…I’ll wait here while you send some more.”

  262. cynthia says:

    i think this picnic table is what happened to my honey tree!

  263. Mike says:

    No one seems to be interested in me, I’ve been sitting here for ages but no one’s come near me at all.
    Perhaps if I changed my name to Boson?

  264. Larry says:

    “Yeah, yeah, I’m a weird hybrid, but it’s hardly my fault my parents were a bench and a bear!”

  265. Avner Eisenberg says:

    You don’t have to outrun the bear.

  266. Adrian says:

    I don’t care if he is the Prime Minister, tell Cameron to get his own feckin’ seat.

  267. Kristian says:

    Finally! Photographic proof that bears DO sit in the woods.

  268. Anonymous says:

    “Oh, shit… How long have you been standing there?”

  269. Liam Winder says:

    Can you bear this any photo any longer.

    I lost my bear necessaries for my vlog wilderness post.

    My life laid bear.

  270. mie says:

    American black bears are 85% vegetarian. The remaining 15% of their diet consists mainly of insects such as bees, yellow-jackets and ants, and the occasional philosopher.

  271. Tavis says:

    So, I hear I am more afraid of you than you are of me.

  272. Ian says:

    Hey, what are you staring at? Can’t a bear have his porridge in peace? There’s a gorilla over there playing basketball: go and watch him instead! 😉 😀

  273. Ant says:

    Bruno was stunned that Richard had so deftly whipped the cloth off the table again this time!

  274. Adrian says:

    Have you ever been to a Harvester?

  275. Adrian says:

    The management at Wetherspoons were starting to have second thoughts about ‘Porridge Tuesdays’.

  276. Randy says:

    “Vacation slide 37: Bob at campground.”

  277. dayuntoday says:

    What? What are you looking at? Do I have something caught in my teeth?

  278. Gregor says:

    Seances in Yellowstone National Park had become less popular since they moved them to daylight hours.

  279. Tavis says:

    When Richard saw the bear, he truly realized the dangers of meeting people from internet chat rooms.

  280. April says:

    “I’m innocent! It was a little girl with golden locks!”

  281. Maureen says:

    Talented bear gets interviewed to work as local newspaper caption writer.

    sraeb retfa sraey fo sdnasuoht elcitrap nosob sggih revocsid yllanif sneipas omoh laidromirp

    Bear sues local newspaper for unfair dismissal.

  282. EarthSolver says:

    Give me the summer job of Smokey The Bear or I am staying here all day..

  283. Chris says:

    How nice to meet you – and your family – for dinner

  284. Kim says:

    Come, sit down and explain how “Rip it Up” can help me change my wicked ways – or you’re in a bit of trouble.

  285. Kristian says:

    “Stood up again. No wonder they’re going extinct.”

  286. Bala Narayanaswamy says:

    The service here is truly unbearable

  287. Anonymous says:

    Backstage after the John Smith advert.

  288. adzcliff says:

    Bear Garden out the back.

  289. Stefano says:

    Can we have lunch… together?

  290. It was when Prof.Bearman opened the session with, ‘Make yourself comfortable, there’s really no point in running’, that his patients began to suspect the legitimacy of his accreditation.

  291. Giuliano says:

    Don’t worry, BEar happy! 😉

  292. Henry says:

    Go Fish? Go Fish? I’m a bear, you moron. I OWN that card game. Bring it on! I’ll give you a reason to be afraid of bears!

  293. Donell J. Short says:

    My dear, you can either feed your fear or feed me, honestly I prefer the latter, since it is a win-win for both of us. However, truth be known, I am very hungry and being an omnivore, I must say you are looking mighty tasty in those hiking togs…so I wouldn’t dawdle in making your decision.

  294. sta27 says:

    Boo-Boo: “Yogi, this is an intervention.”

  295. simon says:

    George always hated being the first to arrive work bar b q’s, he was feeling slightly awkward, worrying about who would arrive next, he hated small talk, he just grinned and “bear’ed”

  296. Missing hiker? Nope, haven’t seen him.

  297. Katrina says:

    Did you spot the gorilla?

  298. Samir Madhoor says:

    Just let me complete my prayers

  299. Alex says:

    “Right… Bring it!”

  300. EarthSolver says:

    I don’t really like porridge

  301. EarthSolver says:

    You can run, but you cannot hide…

  302. Gary says:

    ‘Rip It UP’

    It’s the bear necessity……………

  303. Miguel Lopez says:

    ” Is the bear at the table because it is bare or is the table bare because of the bear?”

  304. Noodle says:

    What do you mean, “Elbows off the table”? What elbows?

  305. I dont care about those calories. Bring me my bear!

  306. Pawel says:


  307. Anonymous says:

    “Don’t tell me you forgot the porridge for our picnic…”

  308. Steve B says:

    “Don’t tell me you forgot the porridge for our picnic…”

  309. Simon York says:

    …and now for something completely different

  310. EarthSolver says:

    The bear said “Richard, Who won the book?”

  311. rahul says:

    so would you like to have a cup of coffee with me….?

  312. Patrick Ellis says:

    I’ll have a…………………..pint please.

    Yeah sure, but why the big ‘paws’?

    • Duncan Armour says:

      Someone said bear grylls was here today, imagine the embarrassment when I found out that that’s a guy

  313. Alice Cheng says:

    “Hey you over there! Do you know that bears can actually cook? In fact bear grills! And I’m just wanting for my partner to cook me some fresh meat. Mmm…”

  314. Alice Cheng says:

    “What’s that look on you face? I mean it’s perfectly normal for bears to have picnics in the park! The only thing is that I don’t have anything to eat. 😦 Oh well! That photographer over there looks like supper. Mmm… Food…”

  315. Alice Cheng says:

    This is what bears do when they’re bored – Sit on a bench, rest its hands on a table and stare at the photographer. Yep, definitely.

  316. Mick O'leary says:

    Hi I’m Teddy, where’s the picnic?

  317. Hello there, I found your web site by means of Google at the same time as looking for a comparable topic, your site got here up, it seems to be good. I have bookmarked to favourites|added to my bookmarks.

  318. […] currently reading Richard Wiseman’s new book ‘Rip It Up’. It begins by talking about a nineteenth century philosopher, William James — a man who was […]

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