Yesterday I wrote this Rip It Up article on mind control and why we should ban prayer in schools.  Hope that you enjoy it.

I also came across the remarkable work of Markus Raetz. He has created amazing 3D illusions like this one….

and this one….

Which one do you prefer?


  1. That article doesn’t say that prayer in schools is bad. By distributing this amongst your twitter followers (and therefore people who presumably like you and will RT you) you are using the techniques you describe to spread your anti-Christian message.

    Lots of people think Communism I good in principle. How do you know that wasn’t the case with US soldiers?

    Lots of holes in this article Prof.

    1. I agree in some respects. Although I just think that the communism scenario is just a bad example. There is no groundbreaking theory in what he is saying, it’s purely just common sense that if you repeat something, there is a “chance” you will inherit that belief, but to claim that it is a way of changing your life is in my opinion ridiculous.

      However, his theory on prayer at school is absolutely spot on. I said prayer at school every morning at primary school, and there was a twice weekly assembly where we would sing hymns and receive a service from the local vicar. Every kid in school hated it because there was no reward, just sitting cross legged on your arse getting a numb bum and developing deep vein thrombosis. The repetitiveness of this act instilled an association that if you want god in your life, you have to embrace pain and boredom. I am in regular contact with all my old school mates, and every one of us is an atheist or agnostic.

      So, yes, if you want people to grow up religious, don’t ram it down their throats as a child.

  2. I do think the artist has a piece in Downtown Houston. Though the “yes/no” is ultra clever, it has become too commercialized for me to admire anymore (which is okay, even artists need to eat!). The face, though, is better only because it requires more input from the viewer.

  3. On the prayer-in-schools thing, why the speaking in code? Why not say what you mean?

    When you say you want to ban prayer in schools, it sounds as though you’re promoting a scenario in which any student caught silently praying on the grounds would be ordered to stop. But that, of course, is ridiculous, and not what you’re talking about. You’re talking about organised prayer. You’re saying that staff should be banned from requiring students to pray, making them feel obliged to pray, or making them endure the sound of other people praying. And quite right, too.

    I just think it would be better to say that, in order to make the message more transparent and avoid inevitable misunderstandings. All it takes is adding one extra word — “organised”.

  4. I like the head. 🙂 It seems more smooth and impressive.

    And I agree with the above commenters that the article is missing the point. I haven’t really heard of anyone demanding that all children should be required to pray, only that they be allowed if they desire to do so.

    Also, by your own argument, to demand that children NOT pray is to have the exact same effect you are describing–that since they are forced to act like they are not Christians, they may become atheists. Religious people pray, non-religious people don’t, and to force either to go against their convictions is to strip them of their freedom.

  5. Watched the face one again after a few weeks. Was watching upside down as I pointed iPad to my wife… Did anyone else notice there are upside down versions of the face in between the right way up ones? Pretty cool.

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