OK, here is today’s big announcement – drum roll – my new book, RIP IT UP – is now available to pre-order.  The book followings in the footsteps of 59 Seconds, and presents a completely new way of looking at the mind and change.  To celebrate the launch I have made this fun video…..

You can pre-order the book on Amazon UK, and the book site is here (lots more content to be added when we do the full launch next week).  I will give a special hug to everyone who helps spread the word, and a double hug to all those that pre-order.


  1. Oh Richard. Are you a scientist or a self-help guru trying to make a quick buck on a book? Because your sales pitch screams the latter. I had been tolerating the drop in quality on this blog, but seeing that, I’m done. Adios.

    1. Take an umbrella with you. It looks like rain. You might drown with your nose turned up like that.

    2. @Jack: No nose up here. Just an observation that his publicity for this book screams “charlatan” rather than “science”. Maybe it IS scientifically accurate and genuinely helpful. But phrases like these just sound like quackery…

      “Instantly change how you think and feel.”
      “Discover the simple idea that changes everything *Lose weight * Stop smoking * Feel instantly younger”

      I feel like he’s trying to sell me a diet pill or quantum energised water.

  2. Good luck with the new book, Richard 🙂 Hope all goes marvellously well. I’ll order a copy from my local bookshops, as soon as it’s available, as it’ll be good to support them at the same time as yourself. Sounds like a fascinating book, so I’m looking forward to reading it already. Very best of luck with every success! 😀

  3. Come on, you are being uncharitable. If Bart Ehrman can write the same book over and over, surely Richard can be allowed to do it just once?

  4. Joking aside: Like L BEAU I also find the marketing repugnant. BUT, and it is an important but: this sort of marketing works on people who would otherwise buy a completely science free bullshit artist book by Dirtbag Chopra or somesuch.

    I’d much prefer that Richard got that money than one of the real charlatans, since people might actually be helped, however accidentally.

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