1. Really ? Which initial-square did you chose ? May there be a flaw in the puzzle ?

  1. Oh my! The crap I have had to go through just to see the scary version. First I click the link on twitter, and it’s broken cause you’ve taken it down. Then you repost it but the link is weird again so it doesn’t work. Then I go to your youtube channel, and watch a version there but it turns out it’s the same version. Then you post it on your blog saying it’s the scary version underneath so I watch it all the way through again, but it turns out not to be the scary version that I should click on the link at the end to see that one. So I click it and watch it AGAIN. I mean I HAVE to see it now, but after all that unsurprisingly, any potential shock factor has gone.

  2. Cool ! Been testing it with several different initial-squares and they all work well (end up on same death-square).
    Though I see yellow squares instead of green squares… is that normal Dr Wiseman ? 🙂

  3. Here is the simplest way to prove that you can’t win. To view this analysis properly, copy-and-paste it into something that uses fixed-width text (e.g. Notepad).

    — [a] [b] [c] . . . Each letter from a to h represents a possible starting position.
    [d] — — —
    [e] — [f] [g]
    [h] — — —

    abc — — — . . . For each position selected above, here’s where you’ll be after the 1st move.
    — [d] — —
    — efg — —
    — [h] — —

    — d…h — — . . . Here’s where you’ll be after the 2nd move.
    abc — — —
    — — — —
    — — — —
    — — — —

    — — — — . . . After the 3rd move.
    — — d…h —
    — abc — —
    — — — —
    — — — —

    — — — — . . . After the 4th move, all paths lead to the same square as shown.
    — — — —
    — — a…h —
    — — — —
    — — — —

    In summary, it’s a lot like sweeping dirt into piles. At each move you sweep certain piles together, until in the end you just have one big pile.

    1. the usual etiquette with richards blog is to just say how long it took you to solve a problem. only richard is permitted to publish a soln. after that we are permitted to discuss flaws and interpretations of his soln.

    2. Dharmaruci — that only applies to the Friday Puzzles, in which Richard explicitely asks that people don’t post solutions, and posts his own solution the following Monday. There is no reason to think such ettiquette applies to other posts, where there is no such request and no expectation of a follow-up solution. It might be useful for some people, who are not used to analysing things like this, to see how it can be done.

  4. It’s like a visual version of the old ‘think of a number, double it, add nine;’ routines.
    Jolly good.

  5. Not good for those of us who are colour-challenged 😦

    Black and white would have been a more considerate choice.

    1. You could try turning the colour off on your monitor! The contrast seems good enough that that would work.Hang on though, just thought that you wouldn’t know then which is a green square to start on. I’ll come back to you on that one!

      Not heard “colour-challenged” before – is that now preferred over “colour-blind” ? I quite like it.

    2. Well, I’m not really colour-blind (i.e. only able to see things in shades of grey), so colour-challenged seems a more appropriate term.

      I’m also left-handed, and not very tall. There isn’t much hope 🙂

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