Growing ideas in the garden of your mind….


I recently came across this amazing clip from PBS digital.  It is such a delightful use of archive.  Whatever you are doing, take a 3 minute break and enjoy……

Oh, and tonight I am in conversation with the UK’s number 1 bestselling crime author, Ian Rankin (details here).  Do you have a question that you would like me to put to Ian?  If so, post it below and I will do my best!



12 comments on “Growing ideas in the garden of your mind….

  1. Andy says:

    This is utterly brilliant!
    Thanks for finding it Richard.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Any idea if the actual episodes are available? I’ve got inquisitive kids aged 7 and 5, this is the kind of thing they’d LOVE!

  3. Ron Uminium says:

    Woah… a bit freaky, no?

  4. Stan Klein says:

    I just signed on to your blog and what an amazingly wonderful way to get started. Mr. Rogers and his neighborhood was an important part of bringing up my children. It brought back wonderful memories. I hope the picture of the “Garden of your mind” will stay with me.

  5. Lazy T says:

    Mr Rogers? mmmm? no.
    Ask Mr Rankin if he’s ever come up with a plot so perfect that he’s been tempted to try it, rather than write about it?

  6. lea says:

    Very nice clip.. Here is a photo of a cool “electricity box” (I don’t know how it called in English) I saw on the street…

  7. helen york says:

    The real thing in a world of cheap celebrities, Fred Rogers was genuine. A real mensch. This tribute made me smile, even as a tear came to my eye. Mr. Rogers is gone now. But radio and television waves travel on forever, attenuating but still travelling onward outward. So it is that somewhere out in space Mr Rogers is changing his sweater and sitting down to change his shoes and it’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood, wherever that neighborhood might be, Alpha Centauri or the Crab Nebula.

  8. paul says:

    I walked past Ian Rankin in the street in Bruntsfield. It was confusing because in Edinburgh if you recognise someone it’s because you know them, we don’t really have celebrities, so for a few seconds I was desperately struggling to place him so I wouldn’t appear rude. He just walked right past!

  9. Chris P. says:

    It’s a good remix, but you have to remember just how musical a show Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood was on its own. The saxophonist (Eric Kloss) is the only musician playing who wasn’t a regular on the show!

  10. banadzem says:

    i do need money in any condition so how do i do that ?

  11. I have no idea what you are seeing in this? It seems to be an old American TV presenter on a loop with a bad backing track?

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