Static animations…..


I love these movement illusions.  So simple yet so lovely.  Enjoy.


9 comments on “Static animations…..

  1. Paul Pearson says:

    Lovely simplicity for complex visions.

  2. David Hogan says:

    Where can the components for these illusions be obtained? They would make good teaching aids.

  3. Moray says:

    The rotatin cube is my favourite!

  4. Duncan says:

    I want one!

  5. Greg23 says:

    Is there someplace handy where you can download and print the pictures and acetate card?

  6. From the description in the youtube video: Based on the book, Magic Moving Images, These are some designs that I created.

  7. Zebulon Pike says:

    Very nice. I’ve always wanted to build one of these coffee table / rug combos.

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