What word comes to mind?


In Paranormality I described how we are all really good at ascribing intentions and emotions to inanimate objects.  The other day I came across this great video of a slinky on a treadmill….

What word comes to mind when you watch the slinky?  Post your answer as a comment and let’s see if we all come up with the same words.

131 comments on “What word comes to mind?

  1. Thom Dibdin says:

    Just looking at the picture: steadfast
    Watching the video: incessant
    By then end, under influence of music: lonely

  2. “Strutting”. No doubt about it!

  3. Ross says:


  4. Roger E says:

    Relentless. The poor thing is being tortured. This is the slinky equivalent of being water boarded. It’s odd how this vid evoked an anthropomorphic response in many when it went around twitter.

  5. riffy says:

    As it was loading, “sproingy”
    With the music, “relentless”

  6. Ugu says:


  7. Emma says:


  8. Charlie says:

    Not a word as such but it reminds me of the ‘wrong trousers’ in wallace and gromit.
    My word though would be determined.

  9. Loutubes says:


  10. pokeybun says:


  11. Niva says:


  12. Shreena says:


  13. Moray says:


    I wonder if the background music has an effect on the word choice / emotion. Everyone suggesting epic / relentless / marching etc, very much in line with the music. Change te audio track to something lighty, airy, dreamlike and I’ll bet a whole new vocabulary of words will appear!

  14. slugsie says:

    Tenacious and Dogged were the words that came to my mind.

    • slugsie says:

      What’s interesting is that most people (myself included) are using words that suggest some intent or purpose on the part of the slinky, when in fact it is merely obeying known laws of physics.

  15. Anonymous says:

    relentless. And very much agree with Moray.

  16. plodding

    but I tried to ignore the overemotional music, that’s bound to affect answers to your question.

  17. Katrina says:

    That slinky is a “Trooper”!

  18. Russ says:

    1 word: toomuchfeckingtimeonyourhands

  19. Al says:


  20. Anonymous says:

    1) Robocop
    2) Terminator
    3) Sisyphe

  21. Karin says:


  22. Kate says:


  23. Anonymous says:

    Mr Soft! ( as in the old tv advert for mints)

  24. silenttex says:


  25. One Mean Housewife says:


  26. Rudi says:

    70s disco

  27. TS says:


  28. r says:


  29. GeneralJumbo says:


  30. Nichelle says:


  31. Ian T says:


  32. Neal says:

    Relentless. And that was before I looked at the comments, honest.

  33. Duncan says:


  34. Puddleglum says:


  35. Analise says:

    Walking-wave (as opposed to a standing wave).

  36. Stephen says:


  37. Martin Mann says:

    Relentless – never ending – indefatigable … actually a good lesson in some cases

  38. Skyisland says:

    Empty….???… Strange???…. No sense??… I don’t understand this video… 😦

  39. Mike says:


  40. Malky says:


  41. Bletherskite says:


  42. Damian says:


  43. Ian says:

    Determined 🙂

  44. Homero A. Gonzalez says:

    Biped, terrible choice of music for the video. Reminds me of the biped robots in Star Wars, yes the ones they bring down by tangling their legs…. A march type music would have been a better choice…

  45. Dharmaruci says:

    Sardonic — like in the song

  46. Tommy Vice says:

    This needs to be made into a gif with a “haters gon’ hate” headline and Stayin’ Alive playing in the background.

  47. DM says:


  48. Krishna mani says:

    determined persistent

  49. Lazy T says:


  50. Swan says:


  51. lindamp says:


  52. Lisa says:


  53. Ross Bagby says:

    “Determined” and/or “resolute” (though much of that’s the musical score — a different accompinament could’ve just as easily seemed ‘silly’ or ‘futile’.)

  54. Nick says:


  55. Sari1967 says:

    First word that came to mind was Endless.

  56. edwardv says:


  57. Ian says:


  58. jh says:


  59. CiaraMK says:


  60. Dezzarezza says:

    Turner prize.!

  61. mark m says:


  62. Neil Bonner says:


  63. Skepdirk says:


  64. One Eyed Jack says:


  65. Anonymous says:

    I had the sound off & it’s more than one word, but “Keep on truckin'” came to the mind of this child of the ’70’s!

  66. Adzcliff says:


  67. M says:

    Walking (at first)
    Boring (later)

  68. Calgacus says:


  69. Emma says:

    Terminator. Determination. Relentless. Threatening(?!). Boring – in the end. I didn’t listen to the music. I put it on mute. So my words might have been different to most (didn’t look). It did go on a bit. I kept thinking when it got to the edge that the slinky was going to fall off the treadmill

  70. John says:


  71. Louise says:


  72. Martin says:

    stupendous !

  73. JohnLoony says:


  74. Matthew says:

    Determinator (but that’s because I read too much TV Tropes). I would have died laughing if the music had changed halfway through to “Tiptoe Through The Tulips”.

  75. L Beau says:

    What about this GIANT slinky going down an escalator…

    Words that come to mind for the giant one are:
    Not quite fast enough… 🙂

  76. Richard Dawkins says:


  77. Bobpup says:

    Not sure if RIchard has posted it before, but in terms of ascribing intentions and emotions to objects (this one no so inanimate), I found that not much beats this:

  78. Ralf says:


  79. Carla says:


  80. Mick says:


  81. SuzeMarsupial says:


  82. Liln says:


  83. Noël says:


  84. Tenacious, tired, and heroic came to mind. Though the last was probably just influenced by the music.

  85. Brian Hunter says:

    It seems, if you are a slinky, one does simply walk in Mordor.

  86. dayuntoday says:

    oooh, I want a rainbow slinky! 🙂

  87. Neil says:

    Another vote for ‘determined’

  88. Emma says:


  89. Anonymous says:

    i am not listening

  90. Kendall says:

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