As you have probably worked out by now, I am a fan of pareidolia.  Yesterday  I was sent this great photo….

It was taken by ace photographer Matthew Horwood, who very kindly gave me permission to post it here.  It gets my vote as the most unusual pareidolia I have seen. What do you think?


  1. Freakish stuff, my brain went “sci-fi” and “Half Life alien” and then I noticed what looks like a skinned torso and/or a partly dissected alien to the left. Awesome 😀

  2. Wow, at first glance, that’s frighteningly gruesome and the chap on the left looks startling too! 😉 Thanks, Richard and Matthew, for sharing such a striking image; and, really, the lad looking up to him rather enhances the illusion that he is looking at some sort of uncanny alien life form. Brilliant stuff! 😀

    1. The world is unreal because of the myth that we are separate individuals. We have divided and conqured ourselves to the point of the brink of extinction following dualism. “We have met the enemy and it is us.” (Walt Kelly- Pogo). We have given monetary value to all that war mentality values. Hence there is virtually no value given to pareidolia; or most things real and natural (as Baudrillard says). When one engages in pareidolic search one starts to see that one is not separate from the images. We are not separate from what we perceive. If people saw that they are not separate competative individuals (See David Bohm “Thought as a System.”) war and prison would end. There is only the here and now. If there is a heaven it can only be here and now, if we would investigate pareidolia to see if it is something deeper and more meaningfull than interesting pictures. Why not play pareidolic games instead of war games? We might find pareidolia is more necessary than war and what war condones. Nietzsche said values don’t exist and if they do the are reversed. War might have worked up till now but it is obviously not matching up to the unified reality that exists. Separation is an IDEA. There are no separate countries, people, borders etc. Investigate pareidolia and you will see we are not separate from our environment and war is people killing themselves. Pareidolia can create a real culture because it is real, natural, and democratic (anyone, even a face recognition machine can capture it.

      tags: Henry Boxer + Nick Cave + Grigory Perelman + David Bohm

  3. The meat doesn’t look like a face to me, but it does look as if it’s attached to the man’s shoulders as if something terrible has happened to his head.

    1. For the face I noticed 2 circles above the hole (and it’s nose/beak) first. I think it looks like an owl. Love it.

  4. Hmmmm. Maybe I’m just a bit stupid when it comes to this sort of thing, but I just see a lump of meat in front of a person’s face. I feel like I’ve missed out somehow. 😦

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