Can you see the mad and sad face?


This a great illusion by Humberto Machado. Can you see the mad and sad face in the illustration?

Feel free to leave clues for those struggling to see each face.


41 comments on “Can you see the mad and sad face?

  1. rmholt says:

    Cool. However I see that the mad face has an eyeball hanging off its head.

  2. Damocles says:

    The sad is more dominant. The mad/angry takes a wee bit of effort, a little obscuring reduces said dominance.

  3. The big noses will help.

  4. Richard@Home says:

    Helps if you cover up the right hand side of the face

  5. kaggyx says:

    Can only see the sad face.
    bottom right strips of white are the mouth

    • -M- says:

      Thought that too first, but it’s not… The mad face was hard to see for me too. Cover up the right eye and try to make the sad face left eye into a right eye. Choose the “left nose”. The mouth is still the same mouth. The mouth is a bit skewed from the rest of the face.

    • -M- says:

      Oh wait, misunderstood what you said. Ignore the sentence: “Thought that too first, but it’s not…”

  6. Boffle says:

    Only see the sad face. Need more of a clue, I guess, to see the mad face.

  7. Ooshdababy says:

    Cover the right eyeball with your finger and look at it side on.

  8. Even though I know *how* to see the mad face, I can only see it for a fraction of a second before I see the sad face again.

    • Julia says:

      same. I have to cover up the right side of the face to be able to see the mad face for any length of time.

  9. Skysland says:

    I can’t see the mad face…. I try and retry, but nothing…. :(…. Someone said eyeball? Noise? I can’t. πŸ™‚

  10. Paul says:

    The sad face is massively more dominant, so much so that you need to obscure part of the drawing to see the angry face, so it’s not a ‘true’ illusion. Nice drawing though.

  11. spikey says:

    to find the mad face
    Half of his face is in shadow.
    look at the upper circle on the left hand side. This is his right eye. The black white divide running down from this circle is the edge of his nose. Both sad and mad have the same mouth.

  12. Brian H says:

    Can see both, but echo comments above that sad face is much more dominant. I found leaning back to get a bit more distance helpful in seeing the mad face for the first time, and it can be fleeting.

    Focus on the nose shape to centre left (it is the mad face’s nose). Also, covering up the sad face’s left eye (the right side as you look at it) really helps too.

  13. Ian says:

    Oh, this is a clever one πŸ™‚ The sad face is, to me, by far the clearest: it took a while, maybe half a minute, to see the angry face, and I might not have seen it, had it not been suggested. Maybe the position of the mouth, if moved slightly to the left, would improve the illusion; but it still works well and these types of images are always intriguing (so why do we see one or the other and not both at once?) πŸ™‚

  14. rmholt says:

    Hint: the little curlicue on the left is important

  15. Andy says:

    So what does the abilty to see either or both mean about oneself? I’dlike to know before I admit to seeing any… lol

  16. Mad Kev says:

    Let’s face it, it’s not a great one.

  17. Duncan says:

    Cover up the sad right eye and nose with your thumb to see the angry face. Not sure where those bits fit in with the angry face.

  18. Russ says:

    This is quite alarming. When we are invaded by aliens with 3 eyes we may not be able to read their expressions correctly.

  19. Bletherskite says:

    The sad face is way more dominant to me. Can only see the mad face if I unfocus – like trying to see a Magic Eye picture

  20. Anonymous says:

    I found the sad face to be much easier to see…even when I saw the mad face, it was hard to not see the sad face unless I covered up the right most eye/ear

  21. Rufus X says:

    I really can’t see the mad face unless I cover up half of the sad face. It was quite a struggle to find it, even when I figured out where it would have to be.

  22. adzcliff says:

    Okay I suppose, but find I have to work the mad-face everytime…

  23. Lazy T says:


  24. Tinkertoot says:

    aha – found it!!! the one half black one half white!!!

  25. deepfield says:

    Took me about ten seconds to see the angry face. Not a very good illusion…

  26. dayuntoday says:

    Sad face is easy, immediately saw that. The angry one I had to cover the right side in order to see it right. that ear just doesn’t stay an ear–it keeps turning back into an eye, which pops the sad face up again. And the mad mouth doesn’t work very well at all.

  27. chakolate says:

    If you look at it upside-down, it looks like a bunny with a weird hat.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Not everyone will need to obscure part of the picture. I can see it without doing that

  29. The mad face looks a bit Picassoesque to me. I have to reach a long way to see it.

  30. VeryTrickyRiddles says:

    It took me about half a minute to see the mad face the extra eye is very confusing but the BIG NOSE is the key.

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