Caption Competition…..


We haven’t had a caption competition for ages and ages and ages.  So, here we go. @LetitiaPotorac recently posted this curious photo on Twitter…..

…and I thought it would work well.  So, away you go.  Give it your best shot and comment on others.  10 points for the best one.


120 comments on “Caption Competition…..

  1. simontaylor says:

    This rabbit cup-a-soup is a bit ROO fresh.

  2. Simon Taylor says:

    Sorry, “this rabbit cup-a-soup is a bit TOO fresh…”

  3. boblosan says:

    There’s a hare in my cup!

  4. Damocles says:

    There’s a hair (Hare) in my soup.

    Can the laughter ever stop? Sheesh.

  5. stevepaget says:

    Waiter? This coffee tastes bunny.

  6. stevepaget says:

    If I have another cup of coffee I’ll be hopping about all night.

  7. Nasty Canasta says:

    “Oh no, not AGAIN!”

  8. Ewan says:

    Rabbachino may not catch on as hoped!

  9. Richard says:

    Ssshh – is Glenn Close still there??

  10. Nasty Canasta says:

    Here hare here.

  11. Damocles says:

    Following pharmaceutical bans some researchers considered animal testing on other products …

  12. Nasty Canasta says:

    Wait a minute? This isn’t chinchilla. They’re using cheap ingredients again.

  13. JamesBrett says:

    cony 2012: mutiny in a mug — the rabbits’ rebellion

  14. Anon says:

    It looks like a frog to me

  15. Bunny found the ideal place to hide from the floods… until teatime.

  16. SofARMaths says:

    Let me know when the Mad Hatter leaves…

  17. Andrew says:

    Hello, and welcome to the kitchen. I’ll be your coffee this morning.

  18. I’m hiding from the greyhound in the teapot.

  19. Martin says:

    Just add boiling water and, hey presto – a hot cross bunny !

  20. Simon Scott says:

    Who ordered the duck?

  21. Tom Cantwell says:

    Pour the tea and I’ll have a hot cross bun.

  22. Les G says:

    Schrödinger’s rabbit experiments were not wholly successful.

  23. safc4ever says:

    But surely it’s easier to hide a rabbit in a hat?

  24. -M- says:

    Oh, THAT’s what caused the noise when I put coffee in my cup!

  25. Magician suffering from amnesia drinks tea from his hat

    • Andrew says:

      Very good. Maybe “Hungover magician drinks tea from hat” flows of the tounge a little nicer, but I like it. +1 vote 🙂

  26. Quincy says:

    I said I wanted more FROTH not FLUFF on my coffee!!!

  27. Sarah says:

    ‘The Man who Mistook his Cup for a Top Hat’

  28. Rob B. says:

    Be vehwy vehwy quiet, I’m steeping wabbits.

  29. smithtobe says:

    I’m a Star-bucks

  30. DiscoveredJoys says:

    If you have doe, coffee’s a buck in the soup kitten.

  31. Damocles says:

    I suppose it was this or that bear falling out of a tree.

  32. This coffee has some kick!

  33. Jon Allen says:

    Mugs Bunny

  34. Mad Kev says:

    What put this fucking rabbit in my cup? Wanker.

  35. John Hannah says:

    I really shouldn’t have down sized…there was so much more space in the hat!

  36. Steve Cowie says:

    Harry decides that after so many triple espressos, it really was time to wind down and get some sleep.

  37. Anders says:

    “These Japanese aphrodisiacs are getting harder and harder to swallow…”

  38. Lou says:

    I’m lapin up this new drink!

  39. Anders says:

    “honestly, Starbucks is going to far with their flavouring”

  40. Lazy T says:

    Bunny-in-mug Grand Prix won by Flopsy in the green Maclaren.

  41. Indigo May Roe says:

    Always check the coffee you’re offered at the magic circle.

  42. David says:

    Thornton’s first Chinese Factory completes its “Easter Egg and a mug” production run despite a misunderstanding of the order.

  43. ythaca says:

    There’s nothing like a nice warm cuppa….

  44. Elizabth says:

    And…… Taaaadaaaaa….. Wait you’re not the magician and this is not a hat!!!

  45. Anders says:

    “…no, I wanted the bunny to go. Can I get a lid on this please?”

  46. edwardv says:

    After winning the race, the tortoise talked the hare into a game of hide-and-seek. The tortoise and his friends are having a good laugh.

  47. Shecky R says:

    …and the next thing he knew the tortoise had won the race

  48. Anders says:

    McDonald’s to answer charges that their new McBunny is served severely undercooked

  49. edwardv says:

    Rabbit “mugging” for the camera.

  50. jumbleguitar says:

    A picture of a rabbit in a cup.

    • The Pick Man says:

      Yes. What we need is scientific accuracy, not fanciful ideas!

    • spiderabc1 says:

      Well said!

    • Paul Feeney says:

      Gets my vote for sheer obviousness. Or we could caption his caption – ‘An accurate description of the picture at the top of the page.’

    • Dr. Hu says:

      And and the day came when the aged master of the zen monastery had to choose a successor.Word was sent throughout the land that a caption contest would decide the next grand master of the temple.
      Many great sages and learned scholars submitted clever puns that confounded the use of language and striking images that questioned the nature of illusion and reality,until at last jumbleguitar joined the great assembly and simply said “A picture of a rabbit in a cup”
      “From hence forth” ,the master was heard to say “I shall be the student of jumbleguitar”

  51. Gail Hatton says:

    shouldn’t I b e in a hat?

  52. Graham Lowell says:

    Jugged hare for weight-watchers

  53. KitttyKattz says:

    V nice – I like it!

  54. Justin says:

    Does this drink taste bunny to you?

  55. Rich says:

    When you said meet for a rabbit I didn’t think you meant literally me old China!

  56. “This is as far as the rabbit hole goes?! Must be some kind of recession.”

    Or to stay in Alice’s Wonderland: “Drink me!”

    ” ‘Follow the rabbit’ they say, but this is ridiculous.”

    Jumping to Monty Python Quest for the Holy Grail: “The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog’s slightly less frightful cousin.”

  57. Stevie says:

    Heston’s rare rabbit stew while quick to prepare requires an acquired taste.

  58. Scott j petrie says:

    Man I hate it when you get a hair in your drink.

  59. Martin Dowds says:

    Who ordered the vegetarian starter stuffed with carrots and lettuce?

  60. dharmaruci says:

    It was the dormouses day off so the march hare obliged

  61. Charles Sullivan says:

    Damn mutant tribbles!

  62. Henry Ruddle says:

    (jingle) “Nuthin’ says lovin’ better for your honey,
    than a steamin’ hot cup of fresh brewed bunny!”

  63. Rick Johnson says:

    Happiness is a cup of some bunny.

  64. Henry Ruddle says:

    Fluffy waits in terrified silence for Bugsy The Clown to do his next “bunny and cup juggling” performance.

  65. John Reed says:

    Unfortunately due to the current dismal economic climate, the
    Easter Bunny has had to moonlight as a barista. The long hours have taken a toll…

  66. Dan says:

    You see, you put the rabbit in first, because if you add it after the coffee, it tends to kick and spill the coffee.

    • This is the closest to my line of thinking.

      How about:

      Facing such prospects as coffee in the absence of milk, the magician should take advantage of the resources available and not be deterred by excessive sentimentality.

  67. Andrew D says:

    Bottle ‘a red, bottle ‘a white.. whatevera kinda mood you’re into tonight!

  68. rolak says:

    1 bunny 1 cup

  69. I will only get out if the turtle promises to stop bragging about his victory!

  70. MALCOLM DP BROWN says:

    To make beer, start with a half cup of fresh hops.

  71. Emma says:

    Bunny Boiler?

  72. Emma says:

    I like Mugs Bunny best of all the other suggestions.

  73. Johnny says:

    Who let the dogs out??

  74. Heard of the celestial teapot? This is the Lepoeidae teacup. (prove it doesn’t exist)

  75. vodkaanimal says:

    (onlooker says) “I guess I really should quit drinking”

  76. Anonymous says:

    Damn! There’s where I put it.

  77. Cheap and affordable flats for rent; Water and Heat provided.

  78. Richard Ware says:

    Is ‘Mugs Bunny’ too obvious?

  79. Rudi says:

    “Mug’s bunny”

  80. Rudi says:

    “No!! I said “mix my tea, sis”, not ‘mixamytosis’!”

  81. Zach says:

    Step 1: Add rabbit to cup – CHECK
    Step 2: Add boiling water… ahem!

  82. petejharrison says:

    I got drunk last night, but I suppose that’s my fault for lying in a tea-cup

  83. Paul Smith says:

    “Woah…that was a hell of stag night…where am I?”

  84. te00294 says:

    Wait a minute…whatever did I put in Randi’s top hat?

  85. antony says:

    Stiirsky and hutch

  86. antony says:

    Stirsky and hutch

  87. Charlie says:

    ungggh my nose is squished

  88. Mark Heil says:

    Nothing cures a hangover like a mug of the hare that bit you!

  89. Carl says:

    Seriously, those people better be impressed when you pull me out of here, cos it’s damned uncomfortable.

  90. jidd says:

    We are here at The French Laundry, where we’ve secretly replaced the fine coffee they usually serve with Folgers Bunnies. Let’s see if anyone can tell the difference!

  91. Donald says:

    “Waiter, this coffee is way too sweet.”

  92. herodotus says:

    “The cup bunn-eth over”

  93. Marco says:

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