We haven’t had a caption competition for ages and ages and ages.  So, here we go. @LetitiaPotorac recently posted this curious photo on Twitter…..

…and I thought it would work well.  So, away you go.  Give it your best shot and comment on others.  10 points for the best one.


    1. Very good. Maybe “Hungover magician drinks tea from hat” flows of the tounge a little nicer, but I like it. +1 vote 🙂

  1. Thornton’s first Chinese Factory completes its “Easter Egg and a mug” production run despite a misunderstanding of the order.

  2. After winning the race, the tortoise talked the hare into a game of hide-and-seek. The tortoise and his friends are having a good laugh.

    1. Gets my vote for sheer obviousness. Or we could caption his caption – ‘An accurate description of the picture at the top of the page.’

    2. And and the day came when the aged master of the zen monastery had to choose a successor.Word was sent throughout the land that a caption contest would decide the next grand master of the temple.
      Many great sages and learned scholars submitted clever puns that confounded the use of language and striking images that questioned the nature of illusion and reality,until at last jumbleguitar joined the great assembly and simply said “A picture of a rabbit in a cup”
      “From hence forth” ,the master was heard to say “I shall be the student of jumbleguitar”

  3. “This is as far as the rabbit hole goes?! Must be some kind of recession.”

    Or to stay in Alice’s Wonderland: “Drink me!”

    ” ‘Follow the rabbit’ they say, but this is ridiculous.”

    Jumping to Monty Python Quest for the Holy Grail: “The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog’s slightly less frightful cousin.”

  4. Unfortunately due to the current dismal economic climate, the
    Easter Bunny has had to moonlight as a barista. The long hours have taken a toll…

  5. You see, you put the rabbit in first, because if you add it after the coffee, it tends to kick and spill the coffee.

    1. This is the closest to my line of thinking.

      How about:

      Facing such prospects as coffee in the absence of milk, the magician should take advantage of the resources available and not be deterred by excessive sentimentality.

  6. We are here at The French Laundry, where we’ve secretly replaced the fine coffee they usually serve with Folgers Bunnies. Let’s see if anyone can tell the difference!

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