1. It was like an ultra-slow remix of the American Bald Eagle which swoops in to engulf the camera at the start of Comedy Central’s ‘Colbert Report’. It’s the closest I’ve been to the horrified fascination of a mouse: the last-second deployment of the bird’s talons were an unexpected shock.

  2. having experienced falconry first hand it was stunning to see that in slo mo, since fly the birds fly so fast you truly miss the beauty of their flight, many thanks Richard going to see to see your mate Derren on thursday.

    1. I was enjoying a display one summer when the trainer decided to make the owl fly straight at my face, it did seem to fly as slow as in the video, that was adrenaline not tech tho’
      terrific vid

  3. The last time I watched this kind of video, I was shown an ugly witch with terrible noise at the end. I just got hooked off my chair. This time I took precautions.

    1. Ha! exactly! I was expecting the same! I lost my innocence to this evil, evil scary clips!
      Thing owl-thing is indeed amazing! And make sure you watch the video posted above too. It reminds us to recognize what an amazing world we are living in!

  4. Was it supposed to end when he extends his claws before he grabs the… whatever it was? I feel like it had all this build up with no pay off.

  5. Ummm. . . Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I guess. The owl is beautiful. The video is pretty darn cool, but it’s nowhere near the most beautiful video ever. There’s some great footage of later Apollo missions showing rocket stage separation from the command module that are gorgeous, there are all sorts of beautiful bits of footage in the Planet Earth series, and countless others I haven’t seen yet, there’s the rose petal scene from American Beauty, that’s just off the top of my head. Most beautiful is a hard label to justify under any circumstances, this video doesn’t really come close.

  6. Wow, what a serenely captivating video! Beautiful to watch (though, from the perspective of the owl’s prey, what a frightening thoght!). Amazing! Thanks ever so much for sharing it here 🙂

  7. Er… so what? Why did you want me to “watch it until the end”? What was so special about the end? “Most Beautiful Video Ever?”? #QuestionsToWhichTheAnswerIsNo

  8. i’m sorry I don’t have the sound of this video, i think it’s important for sensation, without it, it’s not frigthened, see how a detail can all change…no?

  9. Thing doesn’t play here (PC Vista 64 with 4GB) for some reason, I wonder if the site has enough memory to play it, except that it seems to be labeled Youtube. Looked at it by moving the cursor along the bottom bar but it was a midget video and hard to judge. Frustrating, but it does seem rather callous to the mouse to call it most beautiful ever (unless the hawk missed it).

    Qikipedia seems to be a mispelling.

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  11. “What do you think?”
    I think I miss Doc Edgerton. Saw his photography on TV in 1983, and still love him after all these years.

  12. Fantastic. Please give technical details – frames per second and speed of playback? Also which species of Eagle-Owl?

    Thanks, John

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