As you may know, I am a fan of pareidolia.  Here is a nice one sent to me by Luann W….

and I am especially fond of this Picasso-pareidolia (via @spoon579 and @JRhodesPianist)

Which is your favourite?


  1. The trousers, although abstract, seem more obvious to me. I have to work harder to “see” the top one. So I vote for trousers.

  2. The trousers. They remind me of the Easter Island statues or the album art from Pink Floyds ‘The Division Bell’.

  3. I like the Charlie Brown qualities in the manhole cover and his ears are cute but the tracky dacks have a genuine human emotion about them.

  4. Prefer the trousers there is almost a picasso vibe there…. and the top one looks sad whilst the trousers look whimsical

  5. These are delightful 🙂 Thanks for sharing more inspiration, Richard. To me, the manhole cover is slightly more appealing with its rather startled expression, though they’re both remarkable in their apparent portrayal of faces. I’m always fascinated with simulacra in nature. Again, we see patterns and especially faces in the most random of natural forms.

  6. I don’t like either of them – if they hadn’t been labelled as looking like faces it wouldn’t really have occurred to me that they did. The first one doesn’t work that well because the ‘nose’ is on the same level as the ‘eyes’.

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