1. Me too. If he was drunk then mildly funny but did wonder if he had some kind of physical or mental condition.

  1. First is funny, the chap smiled after he took the bag from his face.
    Second was not funny. The chap who fell looked unwell.

  2. Definitely the second one was funnier to me, the guy looked drunk as hell and the dirt on his face just puts it over the top. We’ve all seen someone who’s drunk too much and fell over, so I guess my mind makes up that story for him, adding mud to the mix just makes it funnier.

  3. The first is funniest. It helps that we can understand what the guy is saying. A serious, dull subject matter comes to a welcome end with a Greggs bag! It would somehow have been slightly less funny if the bag had been Harrods.

  4. Both made me ‘hah’. The first one is silly-funny, the second is tragic-funny. On balance, I have to admit I found the second one funnier.

    1. I didn’t find either of them funny – more than a short pull at the egdes of the mouth. I think what destroyed the first one, was being told on forehand what was to happen, so I was just waiting for the plastic bag, and Oh, there it happened. (not being a UK citizen, I did not notice what kind of brand the plastic bag was)
      The second one was to tragic to be of any real fun, although I have to admit I smiled for a moment – if it had been in a movie otoh, that could have been hillareous.

  5. The second one was funnier to me because I had to use my imagination to wonder how that man got into such a state.

  6. After much laughing, crying, and coughing, I’m going to give a slim margin of victory to #1.

  7. The second one was funnier, I think, because both ‘victims’ were oblivious to what was happening and because of the ongoing unpredictability. In the first, the gag is pretty much done once the bag has landed.

  8. I wonder If I’d have found the first one funnier if I didn’t know what was going to happen. The “punchline” was spoiled by the title. I actually found the second one funnier because of the surprise factor. I never saw it coming and so I laughed when it did.
    There are also more laughs to be got from the second video. The appearance of the man, the fact he has mud on his face, the expressions he pulls then the arm tugging him out of shot. The Bag only has the one “Gag”.

  9. The urban legend surrounding this clip states that the interview is about drinking in the work place following an accident at the mine. The interview is actually about striking miners over pay.

  10. Nether are funny without the “You’ve been framed” studio audience laughing in the background.

    By that, i mean that presented as part of a comedy-clip TV programme filmed with a warmed-up audience, they might solicit a chuckle, but presented on a blog without added laughter, they both fail to amuse me.

    1. Why does it matter whether there’s a laugh track playing or not? No offense meant, I just don’t see why adding other people’s laughter would make something funnier.

    2. It is all to do with perception. Laughter is infectious, otherwise TV companies would never film in front of a live audience to get their reactions. We often find things funnier when somebody else is already laughing.

    3. Interesting. I don’t find laugh tracks infectious, I find them slightly annoying, as (in case of sitcoms) they break the fiction that these are events happening to real people in real environments, and (in case of comedy-clip shows) they often laugh at things I don’t find funny, or don’t laugh at things I do find funny. Maybe for me, something being funny isn’t connected to whether others find it funny. I guess I should pay some attention to my response to others’ laughter now, to see if that is the case.

  11. I’d seen the first one before, so knew what to expect. I laughed the first time round, but not this time.
    The second one funnier on this occasion because it was unexpected – your attention was gradually drawn to the guy in the background.

  12. The first one made me laugh beacuse it was a silly random punchline to this guy who was just expressing an opinion. The second one seemed sad and I worried about the person in the background.

  13. The first one I thought I would find funny before I watched it, just from the title, but it ended up being quite disappointing. Like someone else said, maybe the title took the surprise factor away, but maybe not.

    The second one was much funnier, but the first time I watched it, it was only funny in the last two seconds when he gets pulled out of shot. However, it gets funnier and funnier the more times I watch it because I’m expecting that funny bit at the end.

  14. Providing the guy is just drunk, the second one. He looks like the classic drunk..everything slightly out of focus and swaying! Not that i would know of course….

  15. Definitely the second one because the guy looks like Michael Palin! It could have been a new Monty Python’s Flying Circus sketch!

  16. The test may be a bit skewed for me in favor of the first video because
    – i don’t understand the language, therefore i’m not focused on what he is saying and let my attention wander
    – i’m waiting for the other shoe to drop in the second video, since i don’t know what may happen (the title gave the first video away) so i’m a bit tense

  17. The first one was quite funny but the second one was not funny at all. I was worried it might turn violent. It was difficult to tell what the man behind might do.

  18. The second. When he gets yanked out of the shot I almost lost it. I even laughed when the cute kitty showed up at the end – drunken stupor replaced with cute furry animal. Who could ever even try to pay attention to what the guy was talking about?

  19. I agree the first one was “silly funny” the second was “tragic funny”.

    The second caused more of a laugh immediately, but then it became uncomfortable.

  20. The second one disturbs me. It really looks like he’s having a stroke; either that or after pulling the first face the wind changed.

  21. The first one is really funny (the unexpected/incongruous element) but would be even funnier if the “change” he was talking about was trying to get people to use canvas bags at the supermarket (^__^)

  22. the actor in the first video refusing to act with a bag on his head is noble. he is resisting the directors dehumanising requests.

    which is why it is so sad the same actor is in blackface in the second video. perhaps it was earlier in his career and he has learn lessons, blackface is not acceptable in entertainment now.

  23. both were mildly amusing but why didn’t you show the third one……….. a muddy drunk being blown into the po-face of an interviewee…

  24. The first one was slightly funny, only made me smile. The second one was not funny at all, the man in back did not look well.

  25. The first one is marginally funny, the second one isn’t really. The person in the back isn’t intoxicated in any way, but suffers from some sort of a neurological disorder, I can’t remember what exactly. I really prefer not to laugh at handicapped people. If I remember correctly, he works on a coal mine to support his family despite of his handicap. I think his story is more of positive one, instead of funny.

  26. The guy with a black face has cerebral palsy. Because of his illness, he can’t speak and often falls to the ground just like in that video. A few years ago the russian side of the internet was totally blown by this video and everyone was making fun of the ‘drunk’ man, it even appeared on TV. Then there was this journalist who found the guy living in a poor village somewhere in Russia. People were shocked and ashamed to find out the truth…

    Sorry for spoiling the fun. And greetings from Russia.


    1. I wondered, from the expression on the man’s face, whether he had a disability or not. So Anonymous’ comment would make sense if he had. If Anonymous is making things up, shame on Anonymous. Maybe Christopher is disbelieving because he’s slightly ashamed for finding No. 2 video funny? I think Richard should check out whether Anonymous’s comments are true. As a disabled person, I would find laughing at a disabled person BECAUSE they’re disabled (rather than for any other reason) pretty offensive. If he is disabled, please, no more videos like that!

    2. Well said, Natalia and Emma: if that’s true and the gentleman is disabled, then it’s not funny at all; and, if that is the case, it wouldn’t have done the original journalists on the scene any harm to immediately find out what was happening, so that there would be no misunderstanding and perhaps the chap’s plight might have been brought to light. There’s nothing funny in any disability, nor in anyone’s struggles, so, again, if that information is true, then, no, not funny at all.

  27. The first one of the plastic bag made me smile, but as I was forewarned as to it’s content, found myself waiting for the bag, maybe that reduced the comic effect. The second one I didn’t find funny, the guy with the dirty face looked like he had something wrong with him, just didn’t strike me as funny

  28. As already noted, the first one was amusing, but not really funny in that the punchline was given away.

    The second video was only slightly sad.

  29. The first one, as I felt a little uncomfortable watching a person with a mental/physical disorder being pulled out of shot, even if he was REALLY drunk I still felt an unnerving feeling as it seemed he could have caused a bit of an unnecessary disturbance.

  30. If the guy in the background in the second video had been obviously drunk and/or fallen over, that would’ve been funnier. Another difficulty with that is that an English-speaker might not know what was being said (I didn’t). But, as it was, the one with the plastic bag was funnier.

  31. Thanks for a good laugh and bringing that touch of brightness to the day, Richard 🙂 To me, the first is the funniest: the unexpected nature of what happens, and the chap finding the funny side of it adds to the humour. The second video, yes, it is funny, but it’s tinged with poignancy, thinking of what the video’s about and wondering what’s led to the gentleman being in such a state; so, yep, the first, to me, is definitely the funniest 🙂

  32. The first one. The second I don’t understand what the guy is saying, so I can’t juxtapose the action against ‘serious comment’ as easily. Also, the guy behind appears drunk and trying to be funny, which is more sad than actually funny…

  33. I tried to answer this, but I keep finding that trying to quantify *why* something is funny kills the humour. Very strange.

    For the record, I preferred the first one because the guy took it well and no harm done. The second one, who knows what state that bloke was in.

  34. The first made me smile, the second one made me laugh.

    First: The bag was too floaty and soft to make me laugh. No “tension” either.

    Second: More tension. Facial expressions and stumbling. Trying to imagined if he got the mucky face by a faceplant. How he was dragged off camera

  35. The first one, simply for the reason I don’t know why the man in the second one was acting so strangely, he could have been ill, hee hee I did have a stronger giggle at the first one, must be the association with a pie in the face……it always makes people laugh.

  36. the first is funnier just because i saw it first, so it felt more original. I was, if you like, ‘laughed out’ before watching the second one. Also, the second one involved less familiarity, as it featured a foreign language, and something like a war scene.

  37. To Emma

    Well, here is the video of that journalist about the man. It’s in Russian. Basically, it says that he is a very good but unlucky person. He is aware that everyone knows him now and he is happy about it.

    What is really good about this story is that some people helped the man and his old mother and even collected money for them.


  38. I’ve seen both before and still find the 2nd one makes me laugh harder. I think it’s the tragi-comedy aspect to it, the mud on the face, His expressions and unwillingness to be moved out of shot.

    Is it funnier? Well at a gut level for me yes but at the same time I feel slightly ashamed. Like watching those videos on You’ve been framed where people/animals get hurt – immediate laugh followed by ‘ouch, hope they’re okay’ concern.

  39. The first one is funnier because it is simple and unexpected.

    There is also the possibility that the “drunk” in the second clip is not drunk it rather has a disability of some sort

  40. Definitely the second one. The guy in the first one laughed it off which took a bit of the comedy value away. Would of been much funnier if he looked embarrassed or pissed off!

  41. Plastic bag. Because he was so proper and serious, and this bag just landed right on his face! So unfortunate.

  42. The first one was definately the best. Knew from the title that the plastic bag was coming, but still had to chuckle once it flew in. As people have pointed out, very Python-ish in its silliness.

    Second one: The whole scene was really more disturbing than funny. Still, must admit there was something funny about the way the guy fell.

  43. The second, not entirely for the state of the bloke in the background, but for the combination with the serious expression of the interviewee, oblivious of whats going on behind him.

  44. The man with the bag on his face made me laugh. I could identify with this one better. The second was was a bit strange. The man with the dirty face looked confused rather than funny.

  45. First one made me laugh out loud probably because what happened was unexpected. The second one was comical but in a sad way. These guys are Russian workers and knowing the state that Russia is in this is rather disturbing to see. Also, I have seen the second clip previously which is, perhaps, why it wasn’t as funny to me.

  46. The first is funnier, as its an accident and easy to laugh it off, the second is sad as to be drunk at that time of day means you have problems and thats not funny, I know that alcoholism is a huge problem in Russia so it made me feel sad that someone is so troubled.

  47. Second. I don’t understand what they say in both videos. The first one looks like an accident, the second one looks like a prearranged comedy.

  48. The second one is definitely funnier. I won’t even try to explain it. I just know that when I watched the first one, I had no reaction. The second one made me chuckle. I notice there are a bunch of people here trying to make themselves appear all sensitive and empathetic by trying to read all sorts of tragedy into the second clip. I think that’s funny too.

  49. The second one is funnier, because of the context. There has been an explosion at the mine, and the guy who is being interviewed is denying that alcohol played any part in the event. He is most insistent that alcohol is never on site. Meanwhile, in the background…. NOW which one is funnier?

  50. The first video was only mildly amusing as the person being interviewed was fully aware of the situation.

    What was funny to me in the second video was that both men didn’t have a clue what was going on in either ‘world’ regardless of the actual context. It only shows that schadenfreude can be a powerful emotion. Politically correct or not.

    What is a more interesting observation afterwards for me though is the whole; ‘Oh no! We are mocking a handicapped man’ thing vs. generalising behavior of people creating a link in their minds with regards to eastern Europeans and purported alcohol abuse.

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