Amazing, scary, weird, mad act


A few months ago I posted one of my favourite YouTube clips.  It contained a completely mad but amazing act.  The bad news is that that clip was removed.  The good news is that it is back!  here it is…enjoy…..

My thanks to @Letitia_Potorac for bringing it to my attention.  So… what do you think?


37 comments on “Amazing, scary, weird, mad act

  1. Edd says:

    Wow, you’re right. That judge is putting on the most completely mad and amazing over the top act.

  2. stevepaget says:

    I think they have a lot of convincing-looking brittle stuff, a knowledge of physics and good showmanship. And that woman needs to grow up.

  3. Chris Gladis says:

    “This week, on ‘Krypton’s Got Talent’…”

  4. Mickey D says:

    Don’t try this at home!

  5. Well, they DID almost crack a guys pelvis with them nearly fudging the car-over-the-guy gag, so they were lucky.


  6. deepak says:


  7. Can’t help but wonder how much of a mercury dose they are getting from breaking all those tubes…

  8. Gary Y says:

    Are those fluorescent lamps? Which contain mercury vapor? Crazy…

  9. I loved that, very funny. Does anyone know what the judge says at the end?

  10. Nadia says:

    Wish I hadn’t looked.

  11. Steve Jones says:

    On balance, this is just machismo nastiness. Not sure it adds to the sum total of human happiness.

  12. Dag says:

    Crazy! All those smashed fluorescent tubes, I wonder what the level of mercury vapor was in the studio. Quite toxic…

  13. Lazy T says:

    all the machostunts in one slapdash routine and the little flagwaving kid on top, yet it was still safer than crossing the road or taking a cross-country bus

  14. Julia says:

    had to stop watching after 2 minutes. Forwarded to 6:45 and was glad I’d decided not to watch the rest.

  15. Well, that’s 7 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. Fail.

  16. Dave says:

    For some reason, that was the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages.

  17. Anonymosity says:

    The most dangerous part seemed to be their inability to swing hammers consistently.

    Well, that and the 10 foot fall through the “florescent” bulbs to the stage floor.

  18. I thought those tubes were bread sticks or chalk. But that poor pathetic woman on the panel must have just been trucked in from a small village via oxcart to be that horrified by a silly act.

  19. Gail Carlyle says:

    I loooved it, crazy crazy young guys, fast furious and slightly hard to watch, yet unable to look away from, well done you bunch of nutters hee hee cool.

  20. The aesthetics of this act aren’t quite to my taste. Too much relentless bludgeoning violence, and too little elegance in my view. The irony in that, of course, is that this must have been coreographed down to the millimetre and the split second in order to give the impression of such chaos. Exquisitely skillful, but it leaves me cold unfortunately.

  21. TS says:

    At first it looked over the top, but halfway through I realised that it pretty much sums up the state of reality TV today. Sad…

  22. dharmaruci says:

    I’ve seen more disturbing things on QI. 3/10 is the best I can give this.

  23. Jelhel says:

    Insane – but brilliant!

  24. JohnLoony says:

    Didn’t like it. I only watched the first 3 minutes.

  25. viktor says:

    If those white sticks, were fluorescent lights, you yourself can not even imagine how much mercury vapor was in this moment in the hall …..
    how many of them after the show was at the hospital??
    The world is already too full of crazy people … for money

  26. Lilly says:

    i’m sitting here watching this with my jaw on the floor the entire time, insanity!

  27. dayuntoday says:

    That is utterly disgusting. Nothing to enjoy–only to marvel that any human being would do such degrading things. To bludgeon people is not creative, nor it is beautiful…only nasty. Probably a good commentary on what is wrong with our society if people actually find this enjoyable.

  28. cadburyadamsesquire says:

    Oh for the love of money, it’s showmanship, and well executed, albeit a little busy.People. there is no way they would allow real tubes with ‘Mercury Vapor’ to be allowed near hosts of a popular talent show.

    Have you never heard of Sugar glass? You guys are really so dumb sometimes.

    I high five that act for pulling your sorry asses in.

  29. cadburyadamsesquire says:

    And the car trick is just an old one too. Penn and Teller can show you how it’s done. Weight displacement and fekes. The whole thing is an illusion.

  30. Claire Cappetta says:

    It’s stupidly transparent but it’s a better 7 minutes than reality shows that say they are real and are set up and faked … and drone on for an hour with people just screaming at each other!

  31. Yes, it’s horrible. I couldn’t watch it until I’d hit the “mute” buttone

  32. pablolatona says:

    Ah… to Richard (and the people saying this is just staged), have you watched right to the end of video?? The post-show shots of them showing off their bloody wounds? That’s NOT COOL!!

    I’m a sideshow performer. I take some risk in my shows. But the skill of sideshow stunts is in performing them WITHOUT HURTING YOURSELF! What you are watching in this video is not a group of professional entertainers, but an amped up version of Jackass. If they keep doing what they’re doing, someone will probably die. Is that what you need to be entertained?

  33. Anonymous says:

    I think the real entertaining part was watching the woman’s face….

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  36. Nikki says:

    This was overly insane. And what a poor representation of a beautiful culture. As someone who is Indian, and Punjabi for that matter, I don’t know what this is or what this was trying to prove but this is in NO way something normal for us.

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