See if you can find the hidden giraffe in this picture…..

Feel free to say if you spotted it but don’t give it away!


  1. You are not referring to the big giraffe blatantly in front of you in the picture, right?

    The posed question is if we can find the “hidden” giraffe, and hidden being the operative word?

    Then I must either be an idiot or half blind, because I can only see the blatantly obvious giraffe, and I’ve been staring at the damn picture for 5min. 😦

    1. I was afraid this was happening to me too, but I found it eventually.

      Scroll down and get a spoiler.

  2. This giraffe is pregnant and there is another small giraffe inside it. It’s just the giraffe you would like to see (like in Little Prince).

  3. Getting used to these ones now. Found it in seconds. Very good though….Surprised Mr Anonymous found it with his inability to READ!!!

  4. Having previously seen an hidden tiger and a zebra and a very rude tropical fish I saw the hidden giraffe even before I looked closely at the drawing. Then I saw the minarets where giraffes are usually hidden in Istanbul so now I’m thinking there maybe more than one.

  5. I got it within about ten seconds – I initially looked at the surroundings, before wondering if an image of a giraffe was hidden inside the obvious giraffe – then I noticed the neck…

  6. Your inconsistent use of inverted commas is deplorable – especially for a professor who should set an example in clear writing 😉

  7. Thanks for this one, Richard and team 🙂 Found the hidden giraffe straight away (in fact, there are two giraffes in the picture, but the first one’s not very well hidden 😉 ). Thanks for another healthy little brain workout 🙂

  8. I found it after about a minute. Very cute!!
    And I must say that there is a *reason* I don’t read the comments until afterwards. Why do some self-important people ignore the request to NOT post the answer. What a jerk!

  9. I hope I’m not spoiling the game for everyone but I found 2 hidden giraffes. I found the word “giraffe” on the neck of the giraffe and also the outline of a giraffe standing behind it. Look to the right of the giraffe. The space between the giraffe and tall minaret and rounded dome forms part of its head and neck. There is also an eye represented by a black dot. The body is not visible but you can see part of its tail just on the left of the giraffe. Or am I seeing things?

  10. Dude.. I am not substantially into studying, but somehow I obtained to undergo lots of report articles with the website internet site. Its awesome how attention-grabbing it definitely is for me to go to you pretty frequently.

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