Dennis M sent this to me and I thought you might enjoy it too…..

Genuine or fake?


    1. You could have said, “Have you seen this gross video about a screwdriver, which isn’t being levitated?” Yes, I could see it was a fake, but it was still gross.

    2. If that’s real-time video I’m very impressed and stumped. Were they all actors and they faked it? Or was the guy with the screwdriver in his arm the only actor? I’m pretty sure you’d get arrested for someone calling 911 for a joke… So they must have been in on it…

  1. I intuitively guessed fake. I though the more I think about it the less sure I am. I’ve seen the Bernoulli effect suspend much lighter objects, ping pong balls, malteasers and beach balls on hairdryer strength jets of air so I know that a sufficiently powerful jet could suspend that weight. However I’ve only seen it with spheres which I think is a ballance thing. I’m imagining that even with a powerful enoght jet, the trick would be to stop the screwdriver slipping out of the grasp.

  2. Not impressed. I pull this same skill with a ping pong ball while playing beer pong. It’s a great illusion, but little more than that at most. It gathers attention and attempted replication, but never the same effect I pull. Fun, but not impressive.

  3. It’s plausible. Depends on the velocity of the air coming out of the compressor nozzle and the weight and shape of the screwdriver. I’d imagine it takes a rather unusual combination of those factors and that a lot of people won’t be able to replicate this with whichever screwdriver they find in the garage, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised that this person found the right conditions and this is real. There’s no way to be certain except to do lots of trials with lots of compressors and screwdrivers, but I see no reason to be suspicious.

  4. I see every reason to be suspicious. The shape of the screwdriver does not lend itself to this kind of thing, and the angle at which it’s hanging, asymmetrically to the air stream, is very fishy as well. The weird camera placement (what IS that grey blob in the foreground, and why?) doesn’t help. I’m thinking fake, but it’s very hard to be sure…

  5. One time I watched I started a few seconds in and thought I saw a white filament on the right when he turned the screwdriver with the point to the left. I didn’t see it on subsequent viewings from the beginning. The background board could have been to provide for better viewing or to hide a filament. Also, the screwdriver goes out of frame when he drops it on the floor. A good opportunity to detach a filament. Not positive but I’m suspicious.

  6. This quaint fascination with gravity amuses me. Gravity only works because you believe it works.

    As an inanimate object, the screwdriver has no preconceived notions concerning gravity. Free of these constraints, the screwdriver floats in sublime ignorance. (For further research see the historical documentaries of Wile E. Coyote.)

    The next time you trip and scuff your knee, remember that it was your blind belief in gravity that resulted in your injury.

    Embrace the ignorance and free your inner screwdriver.

    That is all.

  7. Fake!

    I’m going with a “Blink” moment here and there is just something not right about how the camera work was done. This is what you do when you’re trying to hide something! Kinda like those grainy UFO photo’s of the 50’s 🙂

  8. It could be (therically) true under other conditions. But not as we see in the video.

    Everyone can see that the screwdriver is under the effect of the following forces:
    – gravity
    – aerodynamic of the air

    In order to keep the screwdriver steady, the forces must be compensated. But these forces need the presence of a third one to be compensated (2 forces acting in different directions can’t be compensated by any means). One possible explanation could be:
    – a wire from the ceiling which compensates the force’s balance.

    Without the wire (or any similar force), the screwdriver should move and eventually fall (without stopping the air flow).

  9. Like many others, I believe there’s a trick involved.

    Gravity on the object acts perpendicularly to the ground while the air stream blows at an oblique angle to the right. There is no way these forces can cancel each one out as there is no element opposing the “to the right” push of the air stream.

    Therefore, there is some other force at play (eg a string or a powerfull magnet) providing a pull to the left.

  10. It’s the Bernoulli principal. Low pressure above the screwdriver, caused by the faster-moving air, pulls it upward, into the airstream. The higher pressure on the other side of the screwdriver pushes it upward, into the airstream. I would guess that the spinning of the screwdriver help it stay put, but a more regular/symmetrical shape to the screwdriver would, too. I’ve now seen a couple screwdrivers done on other YouTube videos, too.

    Regarding the statement above, about the ping pong ball, that can be done with just your breath, since the mass is so much lower. A screwdriver would just require more air–like that from the shop air compressor nozzle.

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