Real or fake? You decide…..


@MentalDavid sent me this great video……

Do you think it is real or fake?


57 comments on “Real or fake? You decide…..

  1. BigFrankieC says:

    I’m gonna have to go with fake. The locked off camera angle is a bad sign.

  2. Paul Pearson says:

    Fake. The plane pivoted with a constant point of tension. Until it got to close to the R fan, all movements were on a visible axis, denoting some outside contact, such as a string or two. The plane did not list to it’s port or starboard side (apologies to my Coast Guard buds). The producer was counting on the compressed, boxy quality (or lack thereof) to shield our view of the support mechanisms.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fake!!!! (imho of course). If it is 🙂 well it’s a fine 1!

  4. says:

    Fake. Look at 33 second mark – when he releases the plane it dips at such an angle that it should have dropped out of the stream – I don’t see enough flaps on the back end that would have allowed for it to recover from such a steep angle. The dip motion itself at that point is also funny/weird, but it is hard for me to explain – ummm it was too clean of a dip, for lack of a better explanation.

  5. Damocles says:

    The Raven? It’s a Hollywood fake.

    And there’s a string one the plane.

  6. Adrian says:

    It obviously real,if by real you mean fake.

  7. Analise says:

    At first I thought it was real. On watching it a second time I think it was carefully placed over a fine thread.

  8. Strings or no, it would have been in a veritable maelstrom of vortices and couldn’t have sat rock solid like that.

  9. Steve Jones says:

    Pretty well as faked as they come I think. Given the dire technical quality of the video, locked of view with massive scope for out-of-camera shenanigans not to mention the sheer implausibility of the aerodynamics this one has to do down as a complete dud.

  10. As a previous poster stated, I imagine there are a couple of fine threads stretched between the fans upon which the plane’s wings sit. But it’s a lovely and original concept, love it.

  11. edwardv says:

    Fake. Plane sits and moves to stiffly. I doubt aerodynamics would allow it.

  12. Nick says:

    Obviously what we are seeing is real, in terms of him putting the plane on two supporting silk threads (one under each wing) and it flutters about because of the fans. Fake would mean to me that it was some sort of CGI effect. (Gosh, that was an uninspired and unfunny comment) oh well, back to work.

  13. I know nothing of aerodynamics, but if I were to do this experiment, I know I wouldn’t do it outside as there would be the chance of a gust of wind, and even the slightest breeze would have an effect. That suggests it’s a fake as much as anything.

  14. D says:

    That is all.

  15. Barry says:

    Looks 100% real to me????????

  16. Nadia says:

    Why on earth should a plane hang in mid air between two blowing fans anyway? That’s not how aerodynamics work. It doesn’t even pretend to be plausible.

    • Fran6co says:

      Well it sure HAS to do with aerodynamics :
      The back-fan simulates the plane’s speed while the front-fan simulates the relative-wind.
      > Equilibrium, the plane flies ! OMG, magic ?
      No, simple aerodynamics, and not fake at all as far as I can tell…

    • Gavin says:

      @ Fran6co

      No because at a point in space will two bodies of air collide causing turbulence. That’s not how you simulate wind and air speed.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is so far from wrong, Franco, I don’t know where to begin.

      Unless caught in turbulence, a plane essentially experiences one wind. The angle and speed of that “wind” is dependent on the prevailing air current, the plane’s speed, and the relative angle of attack. The dominant factor will be the plane’s speed, but the net effect is one wind from a single angle.

  17. TS says:

    Obviously fake.
    The paper plane is placed on a horizontal or slightly tilted sheet of glass with the camera underneath pointing up. The fans are mounted at an angle to look like they are vertical.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Sorry Fran6co,but that’s not quite how it works! Straight-winged paper aircraft don’t produce lift as such, more a drag to downward motion – how many paper planes have you seen continue to climb after being thrown?

    In terms of replicating the plane’s speed, you have to think about it from the frame of reference of a normal plane – all it sees is a constant stream of air flowing over it, and not a mixture of forwards and backwards air.

    Putting two fans pointing at each other would result in an almighty mess of air, as someone mentioned above. The fans aren’t even at the same speed setting, which would simply push the plane in the opposite way to what happens – why is the aircraft travelling towards the faster-moving fan? And if they were the same speed, there’d be no resultant airflow to generate ‘lift’. Think about it – in real wind tunnels the models don’t just hang there all by themselves!

  19. DiscoveredJoys says:

    The fans appear to face each other at an angle so I would expect the plane to be blown out of the intersection of the two flows.

    So, fake.

  20. godmil says:

    Fake, as the last person said the fans aren’t even pointing at each other, they are both angled towards the camera. Would love to know how exactly it’s done though… I think the fact that we can’t see the ground is a big clue.

  21. viktor says:

    Fake !

  22. Biak says:

    Fake, sure

  23. Scotty says:

    Y’ cannae change the laws of physics!

  24. Jelhel says:

    Fake – but I like it!

  25. Think about how gliders work. It is not open to discussion, this could not work as it is presented.

  26. Hal Harris says:

    No way this is real. I don’t even think it is plausible enough for the Wiseman blog.

  27. java7nerd says:

    Do the experiment, attempt to replicate the results!

  28. Micha says:

    Fake. I can tell from the pixels.

  29. Jim Pettit says:

    No! It’s real! I saw the guys at Ames do this with two huge wind tunnels facing each other and an F15 between them! It never touched the ground even after the supports were removed! I swear!

    C’mon. Seriously? Locked camera angle? Drab, grey sky? Horrendously low resolution? Two fans facing each other at an angle?

  30. Bill says:

    Take, but anything involving paper airplanes is fun.

  31. Doesn’t really need so much consternation. Very easy to replicate and confirm plausibility for yourself. Besides it would be a neat challenge to get all the elements right to make it work.

  32. dharmaruci says:

    If is hard to imagine how this could have been faked without a lot of trickery, and a motivation. We know that paperplanes can fly, so I say trust the eyes and go for REAL until the neighsayers show evidence rather than conjecture/

  33. Brent Logan says:

    Real! It’s on an invisible glass treadmill exactly matching its forward speed, preventing it from flying away.

  34. Chris says:

    i think the two biggest assumptions are (1) that the background is actually the sky and not a video screen, and (2) that the fans are standing upright.

    i suspect the plane is simply lying atop a large video screen with the fans above it.

  35. BrianH says:


    My suspicion is that the plane isn’t even in the line between the two fans, but rather outside it, and there’s another fan (outside the field of view) blowing air upwards and it’s on this convection current that the paper plane is being held.

    Towards the end of the video, the plane moves towards the right and starts to dip at the front. It continues to list forward until it gets caught by the air current (or its turbulence) from the right fan which causes it to be pulled away the vertical fan and fall out of view.

    The angle the camera is pointing at, in combination with the grey background means there’s no point of reference to judge whether the plane is directly between the fans or beyond them. I’m saying ‘beyond’ rather than nearer based on the manner in which the plane was placed into shot, and the perceived angle of the 2 fans in relation to each other.

    I don’t think it’s sitting on fine threads suspended between the fans simply because of the way the plane falls towards the end (there doesn’t seem to be a lift of either wing such that it would fall between the threads).

    My 2c anyhoo, any takers?

  36. Sari1967 says:


  37. Fake – but still good.

  38. wingfoil says:

    Fake methinks… a lot of pivotal movement around a particular point.

  39. Urban Daddy says:

    I asked my wife, who is a physics teacher and she said it’s totally legit. She was a little surprised that it looked so perfect, however once the nose dipped it fell which should have done.

    Do we know if it’s real or not?

  40. Niva says:

    It looks fake, so I bet it’s real! Isn’t that how this works?!

  41. CaspaB says:

    Very fake. There is a heap of turbulence from the fan, and the plane is far too steady. When the hand is near, the airflow will be disturbed a lot, and the plane will also move. I’ve worked in wind tunnels and studied turbulence. (Also made paper airplanes)

    Reading the comments above, it seems likely the plane is suspended by a thread, and outside the air flow.

  42. Anders says:

    The setup looks a bit awkward, the fans look mounted, and there are no direction clues (ie ground or horizon), but if you look at the guy in the video, it seems like he is being filmed from below. This I think is the key: The camera is pointing straight up, and what we are seeing is a guy placing the plane on a horizontal glass plate.

  43. Ken says:

    Why do people “waste”time trying to deceive other people. If this guy has so much extra time he should help at the local food pantry or help feed the poor, something to “help society”.

  44. anibal says:

    it is a trick

  45. I’m wondering if the fans with the blades spinning in opposite directions would create a relatively calm space in which the plane could sit. That would mean it’s real.

  46. godmil says:

    Took a while, but I think I get it now. imagine everything is as it seems (actual sky, fans are the right way up – but pointing at funky angles). Now imagine the plane is placed so that it’s wingers are resting over two parallel wires. It’s getting pushed along the wires, then near the end it wiggles off and gets stuck between them, before being blown free.

  47. This is totally NOT fake. If you do your research you will come to find that when fans blow they produce acoustic vibrations which is basically the flow of air that you feel from the fan, of course, But when two identical vibrations or vibrations of the same frequency are counteracting each other, a cancelling effect occurs which counteracts the pull of gravity. Thus Acoustic Levitation, the aliens use the high inteligence of this technology in their vehicles, and that my people is Real or Fake… You decide.

  48. commodore says:


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