Yesterday’s illusion seemed to have created a marmite effect, with 50% of people hating it and 50% loving it.  Oh well, hopefully, more of you will go with the one today.  Sean Boon and others kindly brought my attention to this great video.  It shows someone creating the old checkerboard illusion live and is wonderful…..

Can you believe the lines are straight at the end?


  1. This is a wonderful effect, at least to me. I don’t like the video very much because of that useless ball (or is it a head, an elbow. …), but for the rest, I really love this effect.

    I even used the border of a window on my screen to ascertain that the lines were indeed straight. They were. Quite lovely!

  2. i think the problem is that it is an illegal checkerboard: all four corners are black squares.

    would this illusion work in the real world on a regulation board?

  3. It’s surely a complete misrepresentation of the feedback on the previous illusion to say 50% of people loved it and 50% hated it. I think it more likely that a substantial proportion just weren’t very impressed. The number that could raise the energy to hate it was surely a small minority.

    I’m not sure why we seem not to express a range of views in such stark, binary terms.

  4. I’m not entirely sure what that black think going in and outs suppose to be all about, and I didn’t find the lines to be straight at all in the illusion part? they seemed rather bended to me…

  5. The thing hovering above is a vacuum sucking up the dots – the video is played in reverse, otherwise how would the dots get placed so precisely?

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