All together now!


I am a big fan of mass participation projects, and recently came across these two great examples.  The first is from 1919 and shows 18,000 army recruits making a huge Statue of Liberty….

The second is from South Korea and shows what happens when lots of people open and close their jackets in unison….

Do they tickle your fancy?


30 comments on “All together now!

  1. Paul Pearson says:

    Scary. Simply scary. Groupthink on meth.

  2. CH23 says:

    That’s amazing!
    That would’ve taken a lot of training but the end result is fantastic.

  3. Berber Anna says:

    I love the South Korean one. Looks fun!

  4. Martin says:

    The human LCD is amazing.

    The first is actually a lot more impressive that is immediately obvious. The image is corrected for perspective, so the flame right at the back would have needed many thousands of soldiers.

  5. Julia says:

    very impressive

  6. BaldySlaphead says:

    18,000? Are you sure? A very crude estimate would suggest around 5-600 for everything to the level of the statue’s left arm.

    Would suggest 1,800 more likely.

  7. Heather says:

    The army one’s impressive and a bit scary, the SoKo one’s just impressive. Fighting!

  8. Ken Haley says:

    Video is perhaps more impressive than real life, considering that most of it is sped up — double or triple the real-time speed. (Look at the players on the field.) Still very cool, though.

  9. Chris says:

    for the curious about the liberty picture:

  10. Emma says:

    The Human LCD video was great. It must have taken a lot of effort and practice to make that work. The Statue of Liberty one was good, but that statue looked a bit too fat to me! It didn’t seem that realistic.

  11. Neil says:

    The human LCD is wicked. Reminded me of the Aussie Carlton BIG ad….

  12. John Loony says:

    I have seen that photo of the Statue of Liberty many times over the last 25 years. I am surprised if you have only “recentl” discovered it.

    As far as I can remember from previous sources, about 14,000 men formed the torch and about 4,000 formed the rest of it.

  13. John Loony says:


    Base to shoulder: 150 feet long, 2000 men
    Right arm: 340 feet long, 1200 men
    Face: 60 feet long
    Spike on headpiece: 70 feet long
    Torch: 380 feet long, 2800 men
    Flame: 600 feet long, 12000 men

  14. TS says:

    I’m terrible at memorising body moves. If I was in the human LCD, I would be the dead pixel.

  15. Henry Ruddle says:

    Both of them are pretty cool. The human LCD looks a cross between being on a cheer squad and being a dancer. That might be very appealing to students who don’t play an instrument.

  16. Just wondering whether that’s South or North Korea, honestly…

  17. jackjak says:

    really impressive with Korean vid >, <

  18. The army one’s impressive and a bit scary, the SoKo one’s just impressive. Fighting!

    tanaksss 🙂

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  19. Haywood says:

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  20. Shayla says:

    Wherever you go, I’ll adhere to…Congrats!!!!

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