We haven’t had a monkey-based caption competition for ages, so here goes.  10 points to the person who produces the best caption to this…..


    1. I think that is too favourable to Top Gear, maybe:

      “The pilot episode of Top Gear proves too high brow for its intended target audience”.

  1. The Mitford sisters at an early Top Gear show. The format didn’t really take off until one of the monkeys was replaced by a hamster.

    1. You’ve got the era wrong 😉 Judging by the dresses and hairstyles, this was taken in the early to mid 20’s.

  2. Capuchin monkeys are taken from their mothers at birth and cruelly deprived normal lives, frequently chained, sometimes beaten and denied dignity to make them compliant for this kind of photo. Is that worth the puerile moments mirth for the big erect king primate.

  3. The women scientists, trying to rapidly evolve a replacement for men, are very pleased when the monkeys stop to ask them for directions.

  4. 675 years after Caesar’s revolution, the apes produced their own version of “Jurassic Park”. For unknown reasons, the T-Rex chase scene didn’t include any T-Rexes.

  5. We really wanted to play with the kids but couldn’t find them, mama monkey hope you don’t mind we took the family out. We’ll bring them back, and the winner gets to never, ever have to go to the zoo.

  6. “Cheetah, get dispatch on the radio and tell them they should have sent the minibus…. Can’t get all these ladies downtown in just three taxis”

  7. You were right Mr Nilsson, open top cars do attract females.
    But how can we tell if they are good looking if we can’t see their bums?

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