So, the big news is that I am delighted to announce that I will be interviewing Derren Brown at the Edinburgh Science Festival towards the end of April.  Details here.

And, on a completely different note, here is the BEST movement illusion that I have ever seen….

Like it?


  1. I clicked on it, expecting to find a Youtube video opening up in a new window, but I just got the same screen-grab image. Is there something wrong with the link?

    1. This is definitely weird. Contrary to the other responses to this post, I find Richard’s original picture more compelling than this one, which is virtually static to my eye–neither is that striking to me. The illusion of this type that I find most amazing is the one with two concentric circles made from little diamonds than appear to rotate in opposite directions as you stare at the middle and move your head in and out.

    2. Distinctly unimpressed with Richards illusion, which seems pretty static to me. This one, however, totally rocks my boat.

    3. I too saw no movement effect in the original from Dr. Wiseman.

      But wow – this picture is practically alive with movement.

  2. Dees nothing for me; I’m usually very susceptible to these illusions so I’m quite surprised. I was once diagnosed with mild colourblindness, and I wonder if that might be relevant?

    1. What, and go with pseudo-paranormal patter like everyone else? Mentalism just isn’t as much fun when you’re saying ‘no really, it’s just sleight of hand, your thoughts don’t factor into it at all’.

    2. Lottery stuff turned out kind of shit because they cut the intended ending for some reason. Some people who were in the studio audience blogged about that.

  3. Yes. It worked — I even checked a couple times to make sure it wasn’t a gif. Despite knowing it was not.

    I find it works better if I move my eyes around a lot and blink like I am trying to see through rain.

    Looking at it too long makes me feel sea sick. Album cover doesn’t move much for me.

  4. Can make this stop moving, and to move again, mental exercise. Funny response (objectively): R. Wiseman describes this as the best movement illusion he has ever seen! If you pick up a book or four it could be figured what his psychological deep issues are then we can really make him feel bad. Woo! Already learnt about you from comments; wit this is not the best movement illusion you have ever seen. I’m off to comment on some youtube videos ~WICKED. This is the best comment you have ever see, it’s not the best comment Professor Richard Wiseman has ever seen! Bless him/me. Naughty/Cheeky/Love/Handsome!

  5. The very fact that Derren Brown is mentioned in this post makes me suspicious of Richard in calling this the best movement illusion he has ever seen (when it clearly isn’t).

    I smell a sneaky psychological experiment….

  6. I don’t understand Ash A’s comment. But, like a few other people who’ve commented, I didn’t see anything. I tried staring at the middle of the image, looking at the left, the right, moving my eyes around it . . . Nothing has worked so far. I wonder do people have eyesight the way they have taste buds? For instance, some people have some taste buds and not others, so some people like garlic and some can’t stand it etc. Interesting.

  7. Zero movement.

    That’s normal and I usually have to move my eyes deliberately, but this one apparently doesn’t work like that.

    Absolutely no movement.

  8. Kept still when focusing on a single spot. Movement when moving your eyes across the image. Some of the linked ones in the comments where better though.

  9. My husband Skyped this to me as a great illusion, but I couldn’t see it at all. I, too, wondered if it was a trick, as I’ve seen much better. The blurriness in this one annoyed me too.

    But then I look at it again, and it appeared as bugs passing each other on opposite-moving conveyor belts which is kind of cool. So I’m willing to concede that this might, in fact, be a great movement illusion to Richard and others– even if it isn’t all that impressive to me.

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