mpbrown sent me this great flat carpet from a Parisian games store…

and Martin D brought my attention this one….

Which is your favourite?


  1. The carpet would be even better if the dips were where the objects in the room were. Might give the illusion away though.

  2. First one – no contest.

    That carpet is wicked!

    I wonder, though, if stereoscopic vision deflates the effect somewhat in the real world.

  3. I seem to be alone in this, but I definitely prefer the second one. The carpet is pretty straightforward and I almost have to work to see it as not flat. On the other hand after about twenty seconds looking at it I’m still only reasonably sure which head belongs to which cheetah. And I wonder if a bunch of the people who think it’s obvious have it wrong 🙂

  4. I agree with saoili – while I like the carpet idea, I’m sure the customers love the difference and I think more companies should be progressive like this; I’m still not confident which cheetah is which. The photo is so seamless.

    the slight twist in the left handy body makes me think left body-left head, and the amount of times I’ve seen a similar scene from a different angle on nature docos

    1. The one standing up is looking forward (to the right) and the sitting-down one is looking over the shoulder backwards (to the left).

  5. yes, yes, very funny. two cheetahs, one sitted down one standing up. but only SEX LEGS between them.

    like a cheetah spidah!!

  6. I’d say the second one.
    The carpet is really nice, and could mess with your head, all though as some have suggested it might not work so well from a different angle, and in any case, it’s pretty straight forward.
    The cheetahs on the other hand are still confusing, and it’s really hard to figure out which head belongs to which cheetah. As soon as I’m pretty sure, I start to see how it might be the other way. Both heads seem to fit pretty well on the seated cheetah, although the left head doesn’t seem to fit quite as well with the standing one, so maybe that’s it.
    Actually, now that I look at it again, I’m not quite so sure…

  7. The second one is a cracking shot. I can see which head belongs to which body (I think to be looking to the left the front cheetah would have to have an unusually long and flexible neck) but then I look at it again and have a moment of doubt so hmmmm………

    However the first one with the carpet makes me start to feel dizzy just trying to imagine walking over to the other side so it’s my favourite.

  8. I’m still trying to work out the cheetah one. I’m leaning towards the standing cheetah looking to the left and the sitting one looking to the right, because the front legs of the standing cheetah are behind the body of the sitting cheetah and maybe a bit too far back for the right head?

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